The Baltimore Ravens- Worst Super Bowl champions EVER????!!??

I know their defense was incredible, but Trent Dilfer and the Ravens offense still stinks. Are the Ravens the worst team to ever win the SB?

The only teams that come close in my opinion are the 1969 Jets, the 1981 Raiders and the 1991 Giants.

Please don’t get me wrong- I am NOT saying the Ravens are a bad football team! My statement is only in comparison to Super Bowl champions of the past. (So back off, Baltimorians!)

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Those three words, “in my opinion” indicate where this should have been posted: IMHO. So that’s where I’m moving it.

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Their defense alone was wicked IMHO it was the best defense ever. They allowed such a small amount of points it was unbelievable. Now to their their scoring this year they scored 333 points only 13 points behind the Tennessee Titans. They scored more points than 3 other playoff teams. Does that sound like the worst SuperBowl champions ever? I think not while their offense wasn’t the caliber of say Denver or St. Louis they scored enough point throughout the season to win enough games to get to the playoffs then they won every single game by allowing their opponets only 10 points or less. That alone makes them one of the greatest champions in my mind. They showed that in the time of offense a powerful defense will still win you games.

Yo, Vinnie–you big dumb goombah! Stick to the martial arts and bar-fighting, man, cause Bo’s granny knows more about football than you. FYI, the Ravens have a kick-ass offense. Tell your bookie you’ll find some way to come up with the cash; if not, skip the aikido and just go for the nine.

I completely disagree. In fact, I don’t think its too much of a stretch to say that no other team in football history would’ve beat this team in a playoff game. And I’m a Steelers fan! OK, maybe the Steelers of the late '70s would’ve beat them. But no one else!

I was watching the game on a theater-sized screen with about 30 other people, about 25 who are Giants fans. And I’ll tell you that at least half of them knew it was over as soon as they saw Ray Lewis’ introduction. I’m sure that many people viewed this as some sort of ghetto dance. But to me, it was an incredibly powerful statement that said “There is no way in hell that we’re losing this f-ing game. I simply will NOT allow it.” I mean, it wasn’t cockiness, it was just him stating what he knew to be a fact.

And you could’ve brought out an offense consisting of Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin and the offensive line of the Cowboys of the early '90s and they STILL would’ve been shut out.

No, the Ravens are not the worst team to win the Super Bowl. They may be the worst OFFENSE to win the Super Bowl, & I’m pretty sure that Dilfer is the worst QB to win the Super Bowl, but as a TEAM, it’s hard to defend that statement.

Let’s not get carried away here. Those great Niner offenses wouldn’t have been shut out. Neither would the Rams right here and now. (Not saying the Rams would win.)

That said, Baltimore certainly isn’t one of the worst Super Bowl winners. For crying out loud, they blew out the opposing team. Plus, they had to win three games, two on the road, just to get to the Super Bowl. That’s no mean feat. The won their last 11 games, which is an incredible accomplishment.

How about Mark van Eeghen?

Yeah, zero-for-zero on passing in SB appearances against the Vikes and Eagles.

He was a running back.