Worst. Slogan . Ever.

Purinia (sp?)

“Your Pet. Our Passion”


Maybe they should have thought this through a little more. Unless that’s what they meant :eek: .

That reminds me of the (rather short-lived, IIRC) McDonald’s slogan:

“I’d hit that.” (referring to a burger)

Gives new meaning to “Special sauce”.

I like the one I saw about 20 years ago in Atlanta (maybe a Georgia poster can tell me if it still their slogan).

It was at the I believe it was called The Varsity (a drive in near the University there) and the slogan was (hopefully I remember this correctly)

“no food over 12 hours old”

that is the best you can say about your food!

No the best slogan was the City of Atlanta’s very own during the 96 Olympics:

“The City Too Busy to Hate.”’

Which always seem to impy the followup, “But when we get a spare moment we’ll be sure to fit some hating in.”

There are billboards around here for the Methodist Church that show a blue sky and a dandelion puffball. Slogan: “If you can wish, you can believe.”

  1. Um, not necessarily.
  2. I suspect there is some dreck generator out there that just puts together sentences using words like wish, believe, pray, friendship, bless, love, etc.
  3. I suspect there are readers of dreck out there who automatically process sentences containing such words to mean, “Oh, this is a good thing!”
  4. Someone approved these billboards. Seriously, this is the best you can do?


Not quite a slogan, but we have a very bizarre political sign in Phoenix that makes me laugh whenever I drive by it.

Our former mayor/would-be Arizona Secretary of State Skip Rimsza has giant fuchsia posters that proudly display Skip with one fist pumped towards the sky in what could be a victory pump, but looks unsettlingly like a Hitler salute.

At the bottom of the poster is no Web site address. Instead it says, “Google Skip Rimsza”.


So I did, in fact, Google Skip Rimzsa. Here are some of the highlights from that journey:

Skip with what appears to be a dying whitetail buck

Skip fighting with a cast member of a local morning show for kids.
And my personal favorite…

Jesus, Skip. Why would you send people to Google? shakes head

When I was going to school in Savannah, Georgia, there was a billboard on a highway as you entered the city that said “WELCOME TO SAVANNAH! Hostess city of the the south” I always was sure that was completely true, what with it being filled with Twinkies, cupcakes and Ho-hos.

It’s Purina, not Purinia, dammit!!!1!

I started a similar thread last week (which sank like a stone) after seeing a billboard that said “10 out of 10 Fresca Drinkers Prefer Fresca.”

I guess you have to resort to that sort of thing when you’re looking for nice things to say about Fresca.

I wondered where the “Animal Lovin’ Barbie” creator was working these days.


I live in Orange County–the official slogan is “You’ll be a fan for life.” :rolleyes: Every time I see that sign by I-40, I wonder how much money they paid a consultant to get a focus group to come up with that. Good use of our tax dollars!

For many years, we Oklahomans drove around with auto license plates that said Oklahoma Is OK. Wow, what an inspiring inducement to come visit our fair state. It’s OK. It’s not good, it’s not great, but it’s OK. Meh. Whatever. If you say so.

I apologize for the off-topic post, but I saw a (contextually) stupid (non-advertising) slogan today, in the window of a shop.

It was on a T-shirt for sale in the shop, and it read, “He’s not my president!”

Truly, a sentiment that all Canadians can get behind. :dubious:

There’s a huge billboard in central Melbourne at the moment advertising some sort of sexual performance enhancement therapy (nasally administered :stuck_out_tongue: ).



Um, I don’t get it. Is there some double entendre at work here that I’m just not comprehending? :confused:

The Los Angeles visitors bureau has the slogan “See my L.A.!”, which I always read as “Seamy L.A.!” when I see it on billboards in LAX.

When I was a kid there was a dry-cleaning shop near my home which displayed the slogan: “Don’t kill your wife… let us do it!”

I never quite figured out whether this was an intentional joke or not.

Sigh. How quick they forget. :rolleyes:

It’s a line from a song, dummy! And a song that is probably the most exhuberent praise for a state ever written.

I guarantee that put people in a very positive mood toward the state, and made them want to visit.

Well, I’m pretty sure that it’s not what they meant, but the implication is: it may be your pet, but we wanna get passionate with it! :eek:


Perhaps Purinia is the brand of pet food most used by residents of Canadia? :dubious: