Worst Tasting/Least Favorite Breakfast Cereal

I’m assuming worst tasting and least favorite would be the same for most folks, but who knows? Hot or cold…

Some may take issue with this choice, but the worst cereal I ever tried was Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch…40+ years ago and I still remember how bad.

Even more than 40 years ago- Chocolate Maypo. Not good at all.


Grape Nuts. Ugh.

I had some Special K variant that was like the regular wheat flakes with some chocolate chips in it. The wheat flakes were fine, but the ‘chocolate’ was really just nasty brown waxy stuff. It didn’t dissolve in my mouth as I ate and it would stick to my teeth, so that by the time I had finished a bowl of the cereal I would have a big wad of this waxy fake chocolate in my mouth. There would be some stuck on my spoon, too, and it wouldn’t even dissolve under hot running water. Really gross stuff.

Roman Meal.

It tastes exactly as it sounds - like the ground-up remains of the Roman Empire.

When I was a little kid, I thought peanut butter Cap’n Crunch was amazing.

Along the lines of Roman Meal, the worst cereal I can remember having is some muesli my wife bought that was 99% dry oat dust by weight. It was like eating plaster dust.

Agreed. They are neither grape nor nuts. (Discuss.) They are a form of gravel.

Any and all hot cereals.

Those [del]rancid bits of chalk[/del] marshmallow bits.

I’m not much of a cereal eater, and I absolutely abhor any that are pre-sweetened or sugar-coated or loaded with marshmallow-like substances. Hmmmm, that pretty much leaves rice krispies and corn flakes, doesn’t it?

I can’t eat Grape-Nuts as a cereal, but I do like to mix them into a cup of yogurt.

My least favorite was the full-size shredded wheat. Spoon-size shredded wheat I can handle, but there was something about scrunching up those full-size shredded wheat… cakes? biscuits? I’m not even sure what the “units” were called… into a bowl and adding milk that just made it seem like eating a bowl full of hay.

That’s the one I came to post… for being the best!

Worst was some type of bran cereal my roommate used to get. They looked, and tasted, like dog biscuits.

I love Rice Chex and Corn Chex, but I can’t stand the taste and texture of Wheat Chex. When I make Chex Mix I leave the wheat ones out.

I’m sorry for you people who abhor Peanut Butter Capn’ Crunch. I would say it is my favorite sugary cereal! (Oddly enough, Grape Nuts is my favorite non-sugary - but only when I add sugar and raisins haha)

I remember tasting Super Golden Crisps (or maybe it was Honey Smacks? Same difference.) once as a kid. Once. Yech!

Kellogg’s All-Bran. It’s like eating wood – it even looks like sticks.

Uncle Sam Cereal, with fully intact flax seeds shaped like small, sharp beetle carapaces.

Gotta be Grape Nuts!

A close second is Lucky Charms. The white cereal is edible once one picks out the dehydrated pastel marshmallow chunks.

ANY Cap’n Crunch is great! And you can enjoy it all day, stuck to your teeth! :smiley:

I really can’t limit it to one, as I mostly detest breakfast cereal (for numerous reasons nobody is probably interested in). But here’s a few:

  1. Apple Jacks: smells like urine, doesn’t taste much better.
  2. Froot Loops: annoying fake lemon reminds me of public bathroom air freshener. Somehow I can eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles once in a blue moon, however.
  3. Cap’n Crunch: Y’all know. Shreds your mouth for days.
  4. Grape Nuts. Masochists, all of you.

However, I used to really like the Mueslix cereals they had in the 80s with dried fruits and nuts (cranberry/almond, peach/walnut, etc.) Wish they were still around. Special K with strawberries is all right, too.

Did you used to be a horse? :smiley:

Some kid wrote, “Yoga is how you get from drinking too much yogurt.”

Absolutely. How they sell any of that stuff is beyond me.

They make it out of tumbleweeds don’t they?