Worst thing the Seinfeld characters did

The 4 main Seinfeld characters did a lot of crummy, self-centered, childish (usually funny) things over the course of the show. What was the absolute worst than any of them did?

Well there’s the one that got them thrown into prison; standing around making jokes about the mugging they were witnessing.

I don’t think they got criminally prosecuted for any of the other stuff.

Deliberately, or just inadvertantly? If the latter, I’d say George choosing the cheap envelope glue that poisoned his fiancé counts.

Intentionally or unintentionally?

Unintentionally, it is clearly George causing the death of his fiancee by choosing the cheapest wedding invitation envelopes.

Intentionally, I’d say Kramer taking over the back steering wheel of the fire truck, causing it to crash and letting Leaping Larry’s burn to the ground.

There are about 20 actions of George that could make the list, but most of them didn’t actually hurt anyone (like pushing kids aside to get out of the burning building, or faking a handicap to get a private work bathroom).

Spoiler boxes for a show that ended 11 years ago? :dubious:

Doesn’t have to be criminal. I was thinking more of awful things like George faking being handicapped. that was one of the worst, I think. and intentional. Unintentional, Kramer burning down the cabin was pretty bad.

Unintentional, getting Babu deported/ruining his business is a contender.
Intentional, Elaine’s attempt to hire a doggie hit man was pretty cold.

Kramer burning down the cabin was what came to mind first for me. Also Kramer poaching the lobsters, which was out and out theft.

ETA speaking of the lobster episode, there was also George intentionally putting lobster in the Jewish girl’s eggs.

[spoiler]That was the best thing they ever did. Every time they interferred in someone’s life, they screwed it up. Best thing that ever happened to that mugging victim is that the gang stayed out of it. Hell, the prosecutor at their trial brought in a bunch of witnesses to testify how Jerry, et al., wrecked their lives. They should have been witnesses for the defense.

That’s why the last episode sucked.[/spoiler]

Well, there was George pushing the old woman on a walker out of his way to escape the kitchen fire.
Ah, upon closer inspection I see someone already referenced that episode.

Newman’s fantasized about eating Kramer after he was basted in butter and seasoned with Parmesan and oregano. That’s pretty far out there.

Newman banged Kramer’s mom Babs.

I remember Kramer being proud of having “slipped one past the goalie” and knocked up his girlfriend. As if this is a light-hearted prank to josh about around the water cooler on Monday morning.

Jerry stole a loaf of bread from an old woman - that was pretty dispicable.

Worse: Kramer’s mom Babs banged Newman.

Kramer was happy that his girlfriend missed her period and that he might have gotten her pregnant. Since it was never mentioned again (and the girlfriend was never mentioned again either), I’d imagine nothing actually came of it.

The “slipped one past the goalie” remark came from Jerry when Kramer mentioned he’d never knocked up a girl as if this was something all men do in their life. It baffled me as a teenager and it still baffles me.

As for the worst, Elaine hiring a dog hit man is probably the worst. Getting Babu deported is probably a close second.

Eh, she was an old bag. Plus, she got her revenge by later voting to impeach Morty Seinfeld.

I suppose if we take a cumulative value, it could be the amount of things that Kramer steals from Jerry, including food, tools (“weak hinge”), couch cushions, and electronics (“that walkman was broken when you gave it to me”).

It could easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars.


I’d hate to see the unholy, unkosher demon spawn that resulted from that :slight_smile:

Oh, I forgot about Elaine eating the piece of cake from the Wallace Simpson wedding. Wasn’t that worth something like ten grand?

Two words: Dr. Zoidberg.

I would say it was George not only being responsible for his fiancee’s death, but not even caring that she was dead. I know he was relieved he didn’t have to marry her, but only a total rotten bastard would not have even a twinge of guilt.