Worst thing your pet has done to your house/possessions

Our cat went through a time, for no apparent reason, where she sprayed often. Her favorite target was the fridge. No clue why, but it certainly didn’t do the finish any good - cat spray ate through the finish in spots.

The worst, though, was when she, unbekownst to us, jumped up on the counter and sprayed the toaster. Let’s just say that the next time we used that toaster was the last. Cat pee smells bad enough as it is, but once it’s highly heated it can clear the house…

This is why no animals should be allowed in the house, except maybe fish or parakeets.

We have an outdoor cat that got locked in the garage and shit in my car once.

Revenge is a bitch, however!

The weiner-dogs took to shittiing on the carpet I laid outside in the dirt around the kid’s pool this summer. Mad dickish move. A million acres to drop a deuce, and they pick the piece of carpet in the yard.

My Emily cat snags one of the larger goldfish in my pond now and then and bites its head off. What are ya gonna do? It’s a cat thing.


I’m pretty sure you just won the thread.

My cat used my “Democrats Rule” shirt that I wore to Obama’s first inauguration as his litter box.

He lives with my mom now and throws up hairballs on her carpet on a regular basis. He did that under the Christmas tree one year. And on my mom’s face once while she was sleeping!

Probably the worst thing that I’ve had happen is that I found a really wonderful sweater on sale. It was one of those nordic sweaters that normally go for a couple hundred bucks, it was on sale for something like $50, and it was my exact perfect size and I loved the colors.

Girlie pug was maybe a year and a half old at the time. I wore the sweater a couple times, and then one night we were going out, and I decided not to wear it. I took it off, and left it folded on a high stool where the dogs absolutely, positively couldn’t get to it.

Except… I must have jostled it or something when I put it down, because one sleeve tumbled off the stool. When we got home a couple hours later, the end of the sleeve was completely chewed to threads.

I don’t know what got into her, because she never chewed anything up before or since. It must just have been something about that sweater. I was so incredibly mad at her that I really couldn’t even look at her for a couple days. And this is the dog who is basically my baby since the minute I first set eyes on her. Mr. Athena was starting to get worried about the situation, thinking I’d never like my dog again. I eventually got over it.

The other incident that comes to mind doesn’t really fit the OP, because it wasn’t my pet, and it’s not a house/possession thing. My niece used to have chinchillas as pets when she was a young teen. I was visiting from out of state, and stopped by their house.

I see the chinchilla cage and hey, they’re cute! “Oh,” I say “look at the cute chinchillas!” I bend over to get a better look. One of the chinchillas took one look at me, took a flying leap, and projectile pissed all over my face.

I fookin’ hate chinchillas. Bloody rats, they are.

A while ago one of my cats shredded the front 12-15 pages of a library book. She was about 7 years old by then and had never done it before so I had no reason not to leave a book on my bed.

She’s never done it to another book, but recently I was reorganizing books and that one was on a stack on the bed - I’d paid the library for it so it’s mine now - and she attacked it rather violently. I really wonder what got on or in this book that drives her so nuts.

Same cat knocked a stack of eight bowls off the dining room table. None of them survived. They were there waiting to be being up to go to Goodwill so there loss wasn’t too tragic. However, it happened at about 2:00am. That was the worst part.

… Last weekend, one of my cats distracted me, which resulted in a totaled car. (Both cats and I were unharmed, except for a few bruises and a hell of a shock). Does that count?

Edit: This is the same cat that ruined my folks’ $1000 leather couch, and got cancer a few years back, which cost $500 to remove.

I’ve gotten off pretty lucky I guess. Usually when they make a mess it’s easy to clean.

The worst would be when a dog I had chewed through the RGB cable on my favorite monitor. Those days, the RGB cable was hard-wired into the monitor and could not be replaced. The power cable was a plug on both ends, but the RGB cable wasn’t. It also has so many cables that splicing it is considered a waste of time.

I had two cats that died in strange ways. The neighbor called me over and said my cat was in her yard for a few days now. I went over, and apparently the cat tried to run under some plants, and went head first into a cement block. The blood had dried too so it took some effort to detach the cat’s head from the stone. The second cat was playing near me, and I took my eyes off her for a like a minute, then she starts screaming and flopping around like a fish. I picked her up, and she started stiffening in my hands. I couldn’t find any damage so I suspect that a car ran over her without hitting her, but it scared her so bad she had a heart attack.

There was the cocker spaniel that swallowed my wife’s diamond engagement ring (we eventually got it back).

This same animal ate an entire batch of my homemade brownies and adorned the living room rug with numerous pools of chocolaty diarrhea.* Among her other achievements were ripping up the same rug on other occasions, chewing books and doors and sneak-pooping in out-of-the-way indoor locations.

*she suffered no ill effects otherwise, any more than she did the time she was hit head on by a car and knocked at least ten feet forward. The beast was nearly indestructible.

OK, I’ll bite. What exactly did the cat do to distract you while you were driving?

I’ve been lucky. I’ve only been a cat herder for a couple of years. The worst damage has been some broken plates and the destruction of a joystick cord. Oh, and the rent deposit we won’t get back because of the carpet that has been torn up. But I can’t compete with most of you. Nor do I wish to!

I had a dog that ate a bit of wall.

Parrots that ate the plaster on my apartment walls. When I moved my dad said to get my damage deposit back but I just figured “There’s no way that’s happening.”

Parrot that started attacking and killing the others and then attacking me for odd reasons. (I swear, she’d go after me if she didn’t like a picture I was painting.) I gave her away.

One of my cats almost vomited on my computer yesterday. I got her onto the floor just in time.

My cat Katydid (r.i.p.) was asleep on the bed one morning. I had moved a pile of laundry from its customary place because I was looking for something before work. I left and did my full shift and came home about 10 hours later. I went about my coming home from work tasks, including making dinner for the kitties, when I realized Katydid hadn’t come out for food. The most food motivated cat in the house.

I went to look for her and she was still on the bed. Awake and pacing back and forth, she looked distressed and had peed a big puddle on the bedspread. It finally dawned on me that the laundry pile had been moved and she was afraid of it. It was at the foot of the bed and she was scared to try to jump onto it or over it, so she had been stuck up there all day. I couldn’t possibly be mad at her.

When our dog was a pup, we kept him fenced in the kitchen of our apartment, when he wasn’t crated, until he was housebroken. One night, we got in the mood for some sexy time and threw caution to the wind and left him unsupervised in the kitchen for a little bit. We didn’t think that he could get in much trouble until we came back down and discovered that he had found a seam in the linoleum and had dug/chewed a one foot diameter out of it. Fortunately when we moved out five years later the complex was renovating all the apartments and didn’t ding us on the hole.

One of my cats can’t be left alone with high-heeled shoes. He’ll gnaw the tips off and chew the shaft of the heel. Luckily, most of the women who’ve lived in this house favor flats, so he’s only destroyed three pairs, total.

Aside from that, and the typical furniture-scratching over the years, I have an elderly dog who’s starting to lose his house-training. Ever since he got a bladder infection three months ago, he’ll pee in the house at the drop of a hat. He started out in the hallway between the utility room where the litterbox is kept and the downstairs bathroom (I suppose because he figured everyone else was peeing near there), but now if no one is handy to let him out, he’ll just let loose anywhere near the back door. We’re hyper-vigilant now, and he only has to look at any person in the house for someone to leap up and let him out, but he still has an “accident” almost every week. This makes me feel good about buying the rug cleaner, but the carpet is never going to be the same, no matter how much enzymatic cleaner we use or how often we shampoo it.

For her first three years, my dog was a chewing machine. She didn’t eat an entire wooden chair, but it definitely wasn’t fixable when she was done. I’d have been more upset if it hadn’t been an old family chair that was only around because I couldn’t throw it out.

She also bit a few gouges into the wooden floor, but stopped when I told her no. It’s an old wooden floor, and not hardwood.

I had a dog that accidently shut himself in my office - he was apparently curious about the mirror I’d set behind the open door (I was planning to hang it, but hadn’t got around to it yet). He knocked the mirror over, which then hit the door and shut it.

He tried to chew his way out of the room by gnawing the door knob, the door frame, and the frame of a painting that was also sitting next to the door, waiting for hanging.

When that didn’t work, he decided to try to go out the window - which was behind the computer table. Numerous computer components ended up on the floor, and cables were chewed through. Papers were everywhere. It’s a miracle he didn’t electrocute himself.

The weirdest part was when I got home, and there was no dog at the door to greet me. He never made a sound … all that anxiety about trying to get out of that room on his own, but not a whimper when I finally got home. I had to search the house to find him, and was pretty freaked myself by then, sure something awful had happened.

When I was a kid, I went away on vacation. I thought I’d closed my bedroom door well enough, but it didn’t close all the way. One of our cats got into my room and vomited on every single one of my drawings that I’d left around.