Worst use of a tamper-proof screw

I have a space heater that recently met an unfortunate end (It was up on my bed as I was sweeping, it fell, the fan stopped working). Naturally, since I was raised by an engineer and having nothing else to do, I had to take it apart and take a look around.

On the back panel of the casing there was a little rectangular hatch, held closed by one of those tamper-resistant screws, the type with a little triangle as the slot. Obviously, I had to see what could possibly be so important in a space heater that they didn’t want to risk us seeing it. My attempts at undoing the screw failed, and, after a few attempts, I just gave up and pried the little panel open with the blade of my pocket knife.

Inside was…


Absolutely nothing. It’s just this little empty plastic space. If the heater ran on two double-A batteries, it would be just about the right size for them. Only…there is absolutely nothing in there. No electronic components, no secret treasure, no maps to secret treasure…nada. Zip. Nothing whatsoever.

I’m hugely disappointed by this, and therefore, felt that it was nessecary to share.

Maybe that’s where they store the magic smoke.

When you took the screw out, did your butt fall off? I hear that can happen sometimes when you take out screws you’re not supposed to.

Perhaps another model of heater uses the same chassis and has a thermostat or a tilt switch there.

I read the thread title as Tampon proof screw!

Since I’ve never tried one for hardware removal, I can’t claim that one wouldn’t work-but if they did, there would be Craftsman brand tampons at your local Sears.

I’m glad there wasn’t an ordinary screw there. Then you would have written a less interesting plaint. (Oh, yess, I’m sure you would have written one. It’s written all over you)

I’ll share with you a similar story.
We have a commercial washer in the building with a whining belt that I wanted to fix. And there was a special lock with a circular key to open the lid. I went to everyone to locate the key but nobody had it. So, I had to give up and call a repair man. When he was done I asked how he got past the lock. He said "Oh, that was a decoy. Just there to keep idle hands who tend to steal anything that’s not lock down.

Then they would have a lifetime guarantee! :eek:

Haven’t you ever heard of Pandora’s box? Maybe this was Pandora’s space heater. :eek:

Does Pandora’s Box use Craftsman tampons?

Was it manufactured by Geraldo Rivera?

Traditionally, Pandora’s box contained all of the world’s ills, plus hope (the only thing left when stupid Pandora slammed the lid back down). So perhaps yes.

And if you were using “Box” in the wicked sense, delicate flower of femininity that I am, I have no idea what you’re talking about. :slight_smile:

And if so, would that provide a tamper-proof screw?

Sorry, once you get started, it’s hard to stop.

Sharing is good. That’s what we’re here for. You are enriched by it.

In all seriousness – in contrast to my earlier posts – it occurred to me that the heater might be put together with only one kind of screw, and it would have been a greater manufacturing cost to use two kinds even tho the tamper-proof variety wasn’t necessary in all holes.

The repairability of many cheap devices is rarely a manufacturing concern, but the cost of assembly, even a penny more per unit, is.

Hey, that’s the only reason we still have hope around today, buster. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sorry, just can’t see a fellow ancient Greek babe slighted, you know how it is…)

I’ve only chatted with Pandora a few times and our conversations haven’t encompassed those personal matters.

Shoulda called me. I have a triangular drive wrench. I made it out of an Allen wrench using my Dremel and a grinding bit in order to open up a McDonald’s toy that needed a battery change. Dunno why they decided the battery inside a stupid little toy needed such a level of security, but there you have it.

Because it was intended for children?

I was unable to purchase tamper proof screws yesterday. I tried Canadian Tire and Home Depot. I guess they are classified and restricted, so a pleb like me can’t get my hands on any and cause unknown amounts of mayhem.

(Yah, I know that the reason they don’t carry them is lack of demand, for one brief moment, I had the makings of a conspiracy. Rather than visit a fastener supply, I’m just going to use regular screws and then grind them).

Update: We got the first snowfall of the year last night (and I say fnally!, about friggin’ time!) There’s still about two inches on the ground.

Obviously, the little Secret Compartment on the back of my space heater was holding all the snow. I only bought it (well inherited it, but that’s a Long Convoluted Story in and of itself) last year after snow had started falling.

For a brief moment yesterday, I was a weather goddess.