Worst week in memory....yet I feel fine.

Here’s the rundown on my week, y’all:

Sunday: Missed an eagerly-awaited phone call from a girl I met online (first time voice) because her number is blocked from CallerID and my line had Anonymous Call Rejection.

Monday: Removed the anon protection, got to talk to her, had a great conversation. One hour after getting off the phone, I feel like I’ve been shot in the stomach. I go to bed at about 10 PM. I have freaky waking fever-dreams until about 2 AM, when my dinner decides to leave through the ‘IN’ door. More fever dreams, got sleep in 15-minute spurts.

Tuesday: Can’t afford another absence, so I gotta go to school…with a 102 fever, no food in my belly, and a powerful weakness such that I can barely lift my book bag. I slog through the day, managing to keep down water and Gatorade.

Wednesday: Manage to eat a grilled chicken sandwich at about 4 PM, first meal I’ve kept down since lunch Monday. At around 8 PM, I lose a contact lens. I’m pretty sure it’s still in my eye somewhere, off to the side. But, I have to order another one, which will take a few days, and cost about $200 with my crappy prescription.

Thursday: I eat some stir-fried chicken and rice for lunch. I leave a little after 6 PM to go pick up friend Kim to take her to a hockey game for her birthday. On the way there, I narrowly miss hitting a truck that stops suddenly in front of me. The Dodge Ram behind me, though, doesn’t miss me; I get hammered and slammed into the first truck from behind. Radiator is ruptured, front and rear body sections are a mess, my radio came flying out of the dashboard, and my driver’s side seat back now flops around like a fresh fish. No one’s hurt. After lots of accident hoopla, the cop gives me a ride to Kim’s and we make the last two periods of the game. (Kings win!)

Friday morning: Returning home at around midnight, I write the negotiation paper I haven’t had the time or inclination for on any of the previous days. Finish at 6:30 AM. Catch a ride to school with Kim (what a sweetie) and turn in the paper before the 9 AM deadline.

So, here I am at present, just after 10 AM, having gone 27 hours without sleep so far, probably won’t get a chance to sleep till this evening. I’ve eaten 2 meals in the last 4 days. Did I mention final exams start next Tuesday, and that law school final exams are the first, last, and only grade you get for a class?

Funny thing is, I feel okay about all of it. The illness kinda cleansed me; I don’t feel tired, and I don’t even feel very hungry. Physically and mentally, I think I feel better than I did last weekend, actually. I’m not even pissed, just kinda amazed at the shitstorm.

The thing that bugs me is, Friday ain’t over yet. Y’all might wanna keep your distance, in case I still have some black karma leaking off me or something.

Anyway, thought I’d share. How’s your week been, eh?

Holy butt cracks, Batman! What a crappy week. All I got for you are sympathies, Max. And a big ol’ hug, if you want it.

My week’s been okay. I need to stop letting my husband and his pessimism/pissyness affect my mood. I’m taking my girl to the Vet today, so I could use some good vibes in that direction. She’s got bloodshot eyes and I’m hoping it’s not related to a bladder crystal problem that I thought she’d gotten over. As for good stuff, El Hubbo just might take me out to dinner tonight. It’ll be the first time in about a month - I’m so tired of cooking.

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Max…you already know you have my sympathies, babe. ::hugs Max hard and smooches him for good measure::

My week has been…a rollercoaster. Almost collapsed last weekend from working too hard and not sleeping. Got to take Tuesday off because I worked so much, which was good. However, now dealing with the hell that is my family, which some of you have heard already. Had quite possibly the WORST phone call ever from them last night. And they want to move back to DC. I think if they lived within driving distance I’d go crazy. :wink:

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Wow Max… that definitely sucks!!!

Move over Falcon… I’ll share the roller coaster with you. My week has been crappy but is definitely on the upswing. I’ve had a week of self evaluation and have decided that I’m really a great person and deserve to be treated as such. I lost a part of me but have found an even better part that I had forgotten existed.

I am me… accept it or not.

Max – “That which does not destroy us …”

You’ve really been through the mill. Hang in there! I find it fascinating and refreshing that all this has affected you positively rather than resigned to your fate, so to speak.

I have minor complaints. I’ve been in Anaheim (for business, not Disneyland) all week. I hate traveling alone, I hate hotels, I hate restaurant food, I hate sitting in the middle seat in coach class on long flights, etc., etc.

But the good news is that I go home today at noon. I’m trying to think of an adequate bribe for the gate agent to get an aisle seat. Flowers? Cash? Drugs?

The bad news is next Monday I fly to Norfolk. I just saw my itinerary. Non-stop Seattle to Washington, D.C. on a 757. Seat something-E. Let’s see – a 757 has three-three seats. ABC, hmm, D-aisle, F-window, and E-middle! and the flight is five hours long!!!

Well, it’s not as bad as illness, car wrecks and finals but I’m still not looking forward to it.

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Judging from your conclusion, Max, you seem to be looking at all of this as a catharsis which will help you in the days ahead.

Very positive way to look at it!

Yer pal,

Your week with the Sickness sounds like my week last week, except that I was visiting my sister (whom I rather dislike and who has 2 small but rambunctious dem- I mean children) and I had to sleep on the floor.

Here’s hoping next week is better for ya.

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