Just your average shitty week

Lessee. First off, I’m getting married in five weeks. That’s a big yay, but group that with…

  1. A week ago, while waiting at a stop sign, a proverbial little old lady in her big Caddy came racing through an intersection, got hit, and was sent careening into my car (no one was injured). She did $4000 worth of damage to my relatively new Civic–which had been purchased when my last car was totaled while I was stopped and waiting in it.

  2. Accident cancels my tax appointment. (Although, my accountant made the good point that accidents are bad enough, you don’t need to deal with taxes on the same day.)

  3. I get the flu…a knock-your-legs-out-from-under-you, high fever, man-I-feel-shitty flu. I try to stay it out, working through the week, and get sicker. I finally throw in the towel and call a sub on Friday. (More on that later.)

  4. Flu causes the cancellation of two other wedding-related appointments during the week. Ugh. Now I’m really behind in everything.

  5. My bridal shower was Saturday. Yay. It was fun, and my maid of honor RULES. But…as I was sick all week, I couldn’t clean the house. I spent the week worrying about how gross the house is–after all, we’re in the middle of painting the upstairs–and spent Saturday morning straightening up (my Mom shooed me away and did the real scrubbing.)

  6. Apparently, while this cat was away, the mice went Mardi Gras. My students went nutso with the sub Friday, doing things like putting “kick me” and “eat me” signs on backs, stealing Jolly Ranchers off my desk, writing and putting glue on their own desks, running around and playing tag in the room, getting in punching matches with each other, etc. Net result: the principal has suspended nine of my 32 students. It’s an in-school suspension, but still…I can’t begin to share my embarrassment and disappointment. I’d always gotten the most glowing sub reports earlier in the year–one even said he’d wished I’d been sick all week so he could stay with such a nice class! Grr. Oh, and did I mention–one of those suspended was my freakin’ student of the month?! Grr!

  7. I still don’t have the frickin’ airline tickets I won in November for free airfare to our honeymoon in Jamaica. American Airlines keeps saying I’ll get them, the reservation is in the system, blah blah blah, but all I need is for them to jack around with the flippin’ HONEYMOON. (just one more major thing to worry about)

Of course, things could be nearly immeasurably worse, but this is enough for me for now. My head hurts now. I’m going to bed.


Sorry, about the time I got to there, I was kinda howling…

(oww, don’t hit me OWW)

I’ve stared at the quoted text for quite a while and can’t find anything wrong with it. Correct use, and spelling, of principal? Check. Remaining words spelled correctly? Check. Correct verb tense? Check. I’m not sure why you’re howling.

I don’t get it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hit you…because I don’t get it. I’ll just sit here vexed…

it’s jsut that it was getting to be such a black comedy of errors, when I got to the part that one of the suspendees was your honor student, I was positively howling…

Ceased being vexed, noble woman…


Urg. Nothing is worse than being sick when you have tons of stuff to do. Hope you feel better.

Gee, Ruffian, after reading about YOUR week I don’t feel so bad! Crouching under a desk during a 6.8 earthquake and doing a moan-sob-whimper doesn’t seem so bad in comparison.

I salute you for your profession, and send extra hugs and kisses your way:

----:)/ x o x o x

Perhaps your students are so used to quality teaching that they will not suffer fools gladly. Not that subs are fools, but sometimes they send in a ringer.

I hope you are feeling better. Springs’ a comin’!


What a terrible week! I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well, hon, especially since you should be reveling in all of the pre-wedding activities. Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon! :slight_smile:

Oh, this sub was a fool, lemme tell yuh. I’m going to take action to assure he doesn’t return to this school, if not this district.

The room was a mess (I came by after school on Friday, despite the fever and “Wow, Laura, you look like shit” comments, to get grading papers), and you could just tell it had been a bad day…yet, all the kids’ cards in their behavior chart were still green. Huh? I asked a student about that, and she said “People were telling him he could change cards, but he said he didn’t understand it, or didn’t want to.” Um…let me tell you how easy this system is. Each kid has 5 cards. Each kid starts on green. Kid acts up, change it to yellow to warn them. Kid gets nuts, feel free to skip blue and go straight to red–a detention–or black: off to the office. Now how hard was that? I just can’t believe the sub just wrote notes, rather than tossing their rebelling little butts out the door, or actually DOING something.

I had a really small class today, and yah know, it was rather nice. One of the suspendees was “sick,” so he’ll serve whenever he does manage to drag his butt to school. The others were very sheepish, except one who had a little attitude.

Oh, the Jolly Ranchers (which I had been giving out as reward or fun or whatever): I took them away. I told the class that when they could show respect and that they deserved them, they would be returned. And the only way they’ll be able to prove that is whenever they next have a sub–my honeymoon most likely.

I’m home now. Dammit.

(Thanks for all the hugs, everyone. And at the very least…I am feeling much better and seem to be over this flu thing. Now the fiancé has it, of course…)