Things that will ruin an otherwise decent day

[li]Not being able to find a parking space.[/li][li]Unexpectedly getting your period.[/li][li]Unexpected not getting your period.[/li][li]Having someone ask, “You look terrible! Are you sick?” when you’re feeling fine.[/li][li]Discovering that the coffee machine or vending machine is broken when you had your heart set on something.[/li][li]Misplacing something small and vital, like your only working pen or a bottle of white-out.[/li][/ul]

  • withdrawing cash and having the receipt tell you that your checking account balance is $175 less than your check book says it is.

  • having a prospective landlord tell you that she lovingly accepts dogs…then calling the next day to find out she’s changed her policy regarding said dog without ever having laid eyes on said dog.

  • Thinking you’re having a relatively ‘thin’ day, and then getting on the scale at the gym after some f-ing nymph and having the whole thing tip to the right.

  • when simple things become difficult. I.E. Getting a cup of coffee. Grab mug, it slips from fingers and shatters on floor. You sweep it up and bump you head on the counter while trying to stand up. 50% of the dustpan contents miss the garbage and you clean that up. You grab mug #2. pour in coffee, naturally spilling it all over the counter. You clean up coffee, for some reason thinking that you won’t spill milk on counter. Get milk out of fridge, not noticing it expired, pour in coffee and on counter. Clean up milk, not thinking you are going to spill sugar on counter. Get sugar (naturally sugar bowl is out) so you fill it, spilling sugar all the way. Clean up sugar. Put everything away, take sip of coffee only to discover the milk is sour and you have to dump out cup and start over.

Having the power go out and losing everything while you are in the middle of writing a post to this very thread!! :mad:

Florida Power & Light, may I continue? Thank you.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…
[li]Getting cut off in traffic because some yahoo wants to get to his exit at the last second.[/li][li]Missing my exit because some yahoo won’t let me over for my exit.[/li][li]Finding a run in my brand-new pair of pantyhose.[/li][li]Finding a scratch on my new car.[/li][li]Realizing you forgot your ‘good’ shoes at home and have to wear the ‘driving’ shoes to the wake tonight**.[/li][li]And no spare pantyhose.[/li][li]Panicking at not being able to find the project I was working on until someone says, “Oh, I borrowed the paperwork. Hope you didn’t mind.”[/li][li]Having the server drop out, meaning no interoffice e-mail, no internet access (for data, for real), and <gasp> no SDMB![/li][li]Realizing that last night’s Mexican food does not agree with you, and there is no bathroom spray.[/li][li]Looking forward to the yummy lunch that you will have to have for dinner because it is still sitting on the kitchen counter.[/li][li]“What other project is due this afterno…Oh, ******!”[/li][/ul]
And how was YOUR morning?
I’ll let you know later how my afternoon is going.
** Please god, just don’t let me have on the same dress as the deceased again.

-A fight with my boyfriend


[li]Finding out you only have dollars and the soda machine takes only coins.[/li][li]Finding coins for the soda machine, but 10 cents of it is pennies.[/li][/ul]

Thanks, screech. I just had to explain a very loud bark of laughter to my co-workers.

A few little things guaranteed to piss me off


[li] Rain[/li][li] Inexplicable pains in your left arm.[/li][li] Finding out my favourite TV program has been cancelled for the premier of a new DIY show presented by Jebediah McAsscrack and his inbred nephew Hank.[/li][li] Going to the gym to find they have no drinking water and realising I’ve forgotten mine as well.[/li][li] Having to pay for a bus ticket with 5p pieces.[/li][li] Having to use public transport of any kind at any time[/li][li] Rain[/li][li] Walking down the street and being harrassed by a drunk who wants to be my friend.[/li][li] Downloading 95% of a great song on Napster and having the schweinhund at the other end of the connection kick you off.[/li][li] Bruce Willis gets into the same lift as you wearing a dirty T Shirt.[/li][*} Bruce Willis
[li] You go to a fancy dress party in your own clothes by mistake…but noone notices[/li][li] Your jacket gets caught in the tube doors as you’re getting OFF/[/li][li] Rain[/li]That is all.

Also, forgetting to close italicising brackets properly, that’s another one.

Driving in rush hour traffic, coming up on a yellow light. “Come on, come on, I can make it through.”…FLASH. Fuck!

I’m now resigned to the inevitable love note coming in the mail from the State of Maryland traffic enforcement. I just hope they got the guy who came across behind me too.

-Finding out that the jury of 12 is made up completely of your 12 ex girlfriends (thanks Kids In the Hall for making a skit outta that one :slight_smile: )

-Seeing you car go kaput and knowing the fix is gonna be something stupid “it was this dime sized piece of plastic that broke and shut down your car. It will only cost you 400 something dollars for it”

-See Steven Seagal get yet another person to fund his latest crap fest in Hollywood.

-Smashing your finger

-Smashing your finger while watching another Steven Seagal flick

-Being excited to wear that new shirt, pulling shirt over
your head only to get make-up or deoderant all over it.
-Realizing it once you get to work/school.
-HAVING to stop and get gas when you are already late.
-Realizing this is a bad day to stop smoking.
-Gas station is out of your brand AND the brand you always resort to if they are out of your original brand. (Probably a blessing)

Thinking that the ice on the road is gone so you take your motorcycle to work only to find out it’s not all gone. :frowning:

Duck-hooking a drive during what had been to that point a nice round of golf, then hearing the sound of shattering glass followed by the sound of a car alarm.

3 weeks after the layoffs and still not recovered, learning which of your valued coworkers is voluntarily leaving in the aftermath. :frowning:

Having a dream in which your best friend is trying to eat your favorite kitty alive, and whacks said kitty with a hammer when she fights back, while you’re stuck arguing with your ex about whose fault it is that the cat got out. (Just a dream, folks, but still.)


Being told that work is so bad that I may not have a job after this month.

Being told “This is just friends, right?” when asking a girl out. (this happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME I ask a girl out)

Realising that I have never been truly happy.

-Doing a drama presentation about hating love and how much it hurts with ex boyfriend in the room.

  • Having said ex-boyfriend smile at the most painful part of said presentation.

  • Crying over the ex-boyfriend that you thought you had gotten over… I guess not.

-Calling a friend, bawling over said ex-boyfriend and said friend having to go after just a few minutes.

  • Crying all by myself

-Realizing that I have a whole lot of hoework due tomorrow in a class I’m not doing well in… oh sh**!


Discovering that the girl you were going to go out with that night didn’t show up at the rendezvous point.

Discovering that the reason she didn’t show up was because she’d been in hospital for the last couple of days.

And what also doesn’t help is calling her to find out what happened, and she gets angry at you for waking her up as she’s in heavy recovery mode.

Today, may I say, was a shitty day.

Okay, today sucked bollocks for me:

  • Sitting in a puddle of rain and getting my ass all wet while the most cutest guy I have a crush on is sitting behind me and his friends are all laughing at me.

  • It’s raining, it’s pouring and my shoes are all squelching because some butthole splashed water all over me.

  • Some preppy ho yelling out that I look like a boy because I have short spiky hair and was wearing a boy’s shirt.

  • No one in class wanting to sit next to me because I’m weird-looking or whatever.

  • Going to retail therapy and feeling guilty because I spent all my money on clothes and stuff when I needed it for school books…but dammit, school can wait, I wanted a Powerpuff Girls watch!

  • Every person and their dog staring at me in the street and at school and everywhere else.

  • People at school whispering and gossiping about me as I walk past.

I could go on.

Watching an especially gripping Buffy episode, which finishes with ‘to be continued…’ and then the TV announcer cheerfully says 'And due to the snooker coverage, you can see the conclusion in three weeks…'