Your recent "Oh, crap!" moments

I had a few of these the past week:

  1. I had reset my alarm for a bit later time than usual, then forgot to reset it back to the usual time. Fortunately, I woke up early enough to say “Oh, crap!” and still make it to work on time even though I had lost a chunk of minutes.

  2. My parking permit fell down to the floor of my car when I put up my sunshield, and I didn’t know it until later when I found a citation from a Kampus Kop. I was able to get the ticket voided, though.

  3. I dropped a full container of lemonade on my bare instep and got a bruise.

Got any “Oh, crap!” (or insert a stronger word) situations to add?

I was making pancakes yesterday. I grabbed a plate to put the pancakes on as they came out of the pan. Set the plate down on the back burner, and proceeded to cook the pancakes.

As I was flipping the second one, I noticed the first one was still sizzling on the plate…

Sizzling? I think I literally said “Oh crap!” as I realized the back burner was on for some reason (I still haven’t figured out how or why I managed to turn it on*). As soon as I realized the situation and turned off the burner, the plate sort of exploded in a very unexplosive way. It broke into 4 large pieces, leaving the center of the plate still on the burner.

As I started finding little shards of ceramic a decent distance away from the stove, it occured to me just how lucky I was that I didn’t get hurt in any way.

*The way the stoves in my building are set up, there’s a large red switch on the wall that turns the stove off at the outlet, so I make sure to turn that off on the off chance that I’ll one day forget to turn off a burner. The only thing I can figure is, I actually did leave a burner on last time I used the stove, and turned the stove off at the switch. When I turned the stove back on to cook the pancakes, the back burner must have already been switched on, and heated up after I put the plate there.

Here’s one that happened a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a biggie.

I’d emailed with someone locally from an internet dating site. Eventually we ended up having a 5-hour-long phone conversation that was alternately serious, funny, and flirty. We were eager to meet.

Two days later I answered the phone, and it was him, he identified himself. His voice sounded choked and strained and I was worried, asking if something was wrong. He’d been thinking about me, he said, then I realized that he was masturbating to my voice. I hung up. I was angry because this wasn’t a mutally agreed-upon intrusion.

I composed an email to him ~ I was rather specific about his masturbating.

As soon as I pressed send I realized that I’d accidentally sent it to my daughter’s college recruiter, with whom I’d spoken on many occasions. Upon re-reading it, I saw that it could have been misinterpreted out of context as being consentual. And my name was in the signature.

Oh Crap! :eek:

I was drafted to help FtGKid2 to move a “couple” items of furniture on Saturday. The biggest thing I was told about was a futon sofa.

It wasn’t until I got there that I was told about the metal frame hide-a-bed. Certain words popped up in my Broca’s Area.

I’m still aching.

My SO gave me a rose last night, for the 3-month anniversary of our relationship. A beautiful white rose from her own garden.

I came home, put down all my stuff (including the rose) on the coffee table and went to my bedroom to change. When I came back, my dogs were chomping on something. All that was left was a few leaves. :frowning: :smack: :frowning: That hurt a lot more than when they chewed up my brand new $200 leather shoes.

I went on vacation, and brought only my debit card and one credit card to deal with all my money needs. I didn’t notice that my debit card was expired. I discovered that after it was rejected by the ATM, but only after I’d put my credit card in the ATM and tried to use my *debit card pin *to get cash. Turns out pins aren’t interchangeable. Go figure. So my credit card was locked out of ATM use and my debit card was expired. Oh crap was the least of what I said, as the people in line behind me at the ATM will tell you.

I was stepping out of the house carrying a bunch of stuff. I have two front doors - I lock the doors and am juuust about to shut the inner, wooden door when I realise I forgot my keys. But there is too much crap in my arms and I can’t get past the screen door because it keeps flapping in my face - so I CLOSE it while I juggle my stuff around.


scr4, if I were your fiancee and I would have read your post about how you felt about the rose being chomped, I’d feel my rose had more then accomplished it’s goal.

This wasn’t recent, but I have fallen a far enough distance that I had time to think about how much the fall was going to hurt on the way down.
Of course, I got to see the inside of an israeli emergency room, and I have some fun stories from that, so it makes up for it… Kinda. ;j

My work is accomplished via a laptop computer that goes to and from the office with me. Usually at home I’ll just leave the case in the backseat of the car (we have a garage so theft isn’t an issue).

Last Friday I went to work. Pulled into a parking space. Reached for my laptop bag. Realized it was sitting in my kitchen, 25 miles away. :smack:

Said bad word. Drove home, figuring I’ll work at home this day. Went inside. Found laptop bag. Pulled out laptop. Reached inside for power cord.

Looked again for power cord.


Phoned co-worker to check my desk. Sure enough, power cord was right there. A few hundred feet from where I had been 40 minutes earlier. Where I could have fetched it, had I realized I’d forgotten it.

Fortunately the laptop had enough battery power that I could get on and set up email forwarding, and I could do most of my day’s work on my desktop, because I sure as HELL wasn’t going to waste another hour and a half commuting that day.

I was rearranging some furniture this weekend. I had a tabletop neon light (a birthday gift from a family friend) set up on a bookcase I was trying to move. I carefully unplugged and disassembled the light before moving the bookcase. Once the bookcase was back in position, I started setting the light up again. I was in the process of placing the tubing back in the base when I heard a crunch, followed by the tubing falling apart in my hands. :frowning:

Hide-a-beds (angry snort). The best thing to do when faced with moving a hide-a-bed is to douse it with gasoline and burn it where it stands.

Oh, brightpenny. Oh, my.

Please tell us what the fallout from that was, if you’re at all comfortable discussing it. Did the recruiter write you back? Have there been any further weird contacts from the guy you met on-line?

This happened about four months ago.

I had just moved in to a flat in the north end, and was still getting used to the idea that I should lock the door while I was home, not just while I was away. I had never lived anywhere before where I felt uncomfortable having the door unlocked while I was in.

One night my roommate and I were talking when we heard loud knocking on the door. We looked at each other, verified that neither of us was expecting anyone*, then looked back at the door. The person knocked again, then the door burst open and a woman yelled “I SMELL NARCOTICS.”

Thankfully, it was just one of my roommate’s friends dropping by.

I was a lot better about locking the door after that.

*We were extra nervous because the person who had lived there before had been kicked out for selling crack, so we were worried about crack-heads coming around looking for a fix.

I just dropped a tube of facial cleanser into the toilet bowl…
But there was only some water and bleach in there. Does that mitigate the
oh-crap-factor at all?

Was last week, in heavy (but not stop-and-go) freeway traffic. It’s raining, which means everyone around here forgets how to drive. Very frustrating, considering it’s, y’know, Seattle.

Anyway, the driver ahead of me slams on his brakes. I do the same.

I’m sliding toward his back bumper

—oh crap oh crap oh crap—

and stop about six inches short.


Doesn’t really compare to sending a bizarre note about self-love to a college recruiter, but there you go. (And I too would like to hear the rest of the story.)

We had a hard drive failure this week. Luckily, we had a backup 40 gig laying around. Then I dropped it as I was bringing it to my husband for installation. :smack: I have 240 gigs worth of harddrive that I can’t use now, and lost all my links and other random stuff. Oh, crap.

My heart always skips a beat when I can’t find my usb stick, which is about 3 times a day.

I had a literal “oh crap” moment in the small hours of Thursday, when I turned over in bed, untrapped a bubble of colonic gas, farted and realized my recent bout with diarrhoea wasn’t quite over after all. :smack:

Fortunately I’d gone to bed with shorts on…

While one of my co-workers was on vacation, I had to email a report he’d done earlier to one of our clients.

Unfortunately, his files were not very intuitively named, and I ended up attaching the file ‘project0927’ instead of ‘report0927’ to the email.

More unfortunately, ‘project0927’ was something we’d been doing for a different client.

Still more unfortunately, the two clients were direct competitors who would probably be rather unhappy to learn that we were working for both of them.

Oh, crap.

Somehow, the Dao drifted in my favor that day, and my co-worker’s email connection went down just long enough for me to catch my screw-up and cancel the errant message.