Your recent "Oh, crap!" moments

Sure, Scibble. Fortunately this recruiter was from a school that my daughter had rejected by this point. I did tell my daughter about it, and we both laughed until our sides hurt. The next day I received an email from the recruiter politely asking me to remove him from my address book, which got us giggling all over again. I never heard back from the online guy after that, but he had told me that he was likely to be deployed in the Katrina cleanup, so he’s probably gone anyway.

All in all, it was a good learning experience and one that was just the right combination of momentary panic and hysterically funny.

I check the To: line very carefully now. But I expect a few weeks from now I’ll put my foot in it some other way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Three months ago, I got my usual shot of Depo-Provera. Yesterday, I learned the reason my left arm has been weak and sore for the past three months is because the nurse did, indeed, hit a nerve which wasn’t supposed to be there. I’m now trying to persuade my doctor’s office that I’d prefer not to have to pay for the rehab that’s going to be required for my arm, especially since it’s not that long since I finished paying for rehab for a knee injury, which is why I got the Depo shot in my arm, not my rump in the first place! I did get another shot yesterday; that one did indeed go in my gluteus maximus.

Oh, and the knitting pattern I’ve been working on, which has a gauge of 30 rows per 4 inches, somehow expects 45 rows to take up 7 inches. This isn’t the first mistake I’ve seen in this book. :frowning:

A rather besieged

No moments of my own to share… but I’d like to hear more about your experience, if you don’t mind! Judging from your short description this would be somewhere out in the boonies – Golan or Negev? I can imagine (somewhat) where you might have ended up :eek:

I woke up yesterday, showered, fed the cats, got dressed and came to work.

Columbus Day. No school, no work.

Eh, so i went and treated myself to breakfast so it wasn’t a total loss.

I, too, did an email one, but not quite as bad as brightpenny’s.

I regularly email certain property managers for work to ask about their buildings. We keep *internal *records that include a class rating for the buildings. I accidentally included the classes when I emailed the first couple out. This was especially bad because one of the people I sent the file to thinks her buildings should be a higher class than we’ve rated them. Not a good thing to have her know we think less of her buildings that she does!

Meanwhile, I’ve remembered my own most remarkable “crap!” moment.

Back about 12 years. About half a year after starting my first civlian job, I’ve just been given the “root” password for a co-worker’s workstation (a Sun Unix box). Why? Because I need to do some work on his stuff, in his absence.
So, log in as myself (I wasn’t given his password, Og forbid! :rolleyes: ); “su -” (to root) and enter root password; “su coworkersName”

Note the absence of the “-” character following the “su” command in the second case! This means that, while I am now logged in to co-worker’s acount, I AM STILL HOLDING ADMINISTRATIVE PRIVILEGES on his workstation.

Long story short, I ended up deleting choice parts of his home directory :eek:
Luckily our backups actually worked :o

No, they didn’t revoke my privileges, and I went on to be a system-savvy programmer, first on all kinds of Unix and lately, on WinBlows boxes too :frowning:
… And I’m still very careful whenever I log in with administrative privileges…

If none of the above was gobbledy-gook to you, mail me! We have a profession in common :eek:

Well, originally my job’s schedule was alternating days of 3-8 PM and 4-8 PM. I wanted every day to be 4-8 PM so I could substitute teach in the morning/afternoon. My manager was sympathetic, but simply couldn’t find anyone to cover the 3 PM slot. She told me that if I was unavailable, to call her in the morning so she could have a temporary workaround, otherwise keep coming in at 3 on mondays and wednesdays.

Yesterday afternoon I completely forgot I was still supposed to come in at 3. I was an hour late for work :eek: :smack:

I spent the weekend visiting my boyfriend in Maryland. Now, I have 3 final exams this week, but since long weekends are the only time I can fly down, I brought my microbiology binder to study on the plane. In the airport, too, while waiting for my connecting flight in Philadelphia.

The flight into Philadelphia was nothing but turbulence for the last half hour, and my neighbor was extremely annoying, talking loudly to her friend about her soap opera life. I studied anyway! I’m tough! The flight landed really late because of the weather, and I had about 15 minutes to run to the gate for my connection. Well, I would have had 15 minutes, if the twit beside me would have gotten up and moved a little quicker. By the time she found her shoes and put them back on, and I was able to shove her aside to run, I had 6 minutes to get to the gate. In a different wing. And the moving walkway was broken.

Panting, with a stitch in my side because I’m out of shape, I got there as they were starting to board. Yay! But… something felt wrong. Wasn’t I carrying more stuff before? Hmmm…

Microbiology binder. Containing the entire semester’s course notes plus my study review notes. In the seat pocket of the first plane, a wing and a couple dead walkways away. :smack:

The gate attendant noticed my “Oh Crap!” expression and was nice enough to bend the rules and stuff my backpack under her podium so I could run back. And wow did I run. I think my heart rate stayed up at 20 million for the next few hours. Luckily, the first plane hadn’t left yet to wherever it was going next, and the gate attendant there went on board to retrieve my binder for me. Kudos to him on understanding my out-of-breath plea. “Binder. Seat pocket. 15F. Exam. Need it. Please!” And they also held the second flight for me. I got dirty looks as I got on the plane, but I was hugging my binder like it was my baby and I didn’t care.

I can’t decide. Is this story about bad luck or good luck? I think I’ll call it a story about Antigen being bubbleheaded, but damn lucky.

After reading this thread I feel a lot better about leaving my thermos in my satchel, unwashed, over a 3-day weekend.

I think my most recent “Oh, crap!” moment was this summer when I suddenly realized I had lost control of an airplane and the wheels were now rolling over grass instead of pavement, headed in a direction quite different than where I wanted to go. :eek:

Fortunately, no harm done, but boy I felt like an idiot!

At least this time I didn’t need to spend a couple hours picking soybeans out of the aircraft.

COme on, I really hate that word, its crap!

But oh crap, is what I said recently when I got a call at work that I needed to bring in a change of shoes for my 6yo daughter. She had stepped in a pile of human shit at the playground! Someone took a dump in the tower at the Danish Kingdom, sick f*ck!

On the 23rd of last month, I got a message from my apartment manager that accounting had just informed her that I hadn’t paid my rent for the month. Due on the 5th. I spent the rest of that evening searching frantically for my receipt, or even the money-order stub (they don’t take checks), certain that “I paid it! I know I paid it! I remember paying it!” Turns out, I didn’t pay it.

I had forgotten to pay my rent! :smack:

Fortunately, I had a doctor’s appointment the next day and learned that my B-12 level is way low, which can cause short-term memory and concentration prob…

…where was I? Oh yeah, I started taking supplements but it takes a month to start taking effect.

Now, this truly does full justice to the whole thread.

The whole last week or so has been like that, at least in the financial department. Let me tell you, it’s not fun having your rent cheque bounce when you’re on another continent.

I dropped 2 $3000 cameras on the floor… repeatedly. Luckily, it was on carpet and they are pretty solidly built and seem to still work fine.

I took a long plane trip this weekend, and on the outbound leg, I knitted like the devil on my Complicated Socks. They’re made of three different colors of yarn, with a very cool interlocking-spiral pattern (kind of a variation on a Greek Key). When I arrived, I was digging them out to show them off when I realized that I’d lost my ball of green yarn somewhere along the line.

CRAP! I wasn’t able to work on them on the way home because I was just about to start a section containing green, and so not only did I not have my interesting project to work on, I had to lug them around the whole trip for nothing. I’m going to have to go and buy some more green before I continue, and the whole point of making these socks was to try to USE UP some oddball colors I had lying around, and now here I am going to go off and buy more. I swear, if I didn’t have about 25 hours of work in them, I’d give up on them!

But I guess if that’s the worst thing that happened on my trip, I don’t really have grounds to complain. :slight_smile:

This isn’t an actual oh crap! moment, but I suffer from it every time I go to work. See, I’m doing inventory at the museum, which involves lugging around drawersful of priceless artifacts–things like Mayan pottery and cuneiform tablets. Every single time, I worry about dropping a drawer–or worse, dumping it out completely! So I imagine myself going oh crap all the time!

It’s nearly 5am and due to some crappy things going on in my life at the moment I’m having trouble sleeping. So I’m up reading this message board to distract myself. Normally it’s quite warm here at night but this morning I’m feeling cold.

So I tippy toe back to my bedroom leaving all the lights off so as not to wake hubby and kids. I reach behind the bedroom door and grab the nearest terry towelling robe - which happens to be my husband’s lovely big fluffy one. I put the robe on and tippy toe out.

Then I feel a tickling sensation near my right hip that doesn’t go away. I open the robe and there’s the biggest huntsman spider sitting on the inside of the robe smiling up at me. A huntsman spider is tarantula looking and measures about three inches across when fully grown. Normally quite harmless, but spectacular looking and good at hunting insects, and so not bad to have around. But not inside a robe!

I think I woke the whole family with a major “oh crap” or was it “holy crap” … honestly I think I went the whole f word in between along with a primal yell.

I know a woman that tried to bring her needle point with her and had it confiscated. The security people might have made the plane turn around on you. You never know what they’ll do to you these last few years.

I spent over 10 years doing a latch hook rug. It was no longer lets say the in thing for display in public. I ironed on the backer fusing and the nape was ruined. I threw it away, it was the only thing to do.

Our *nix boxes are on an admin system that’s set up so any command you enter as root requires entering a token passcode. When you get hit with a PASSCODE: prompt, it makes you think “Hmmm… did I mean to do that?”

My latest “Oh CRAP!!” moment was opening the laptop case on Monday and finding a $300+ dent in the PowerBook. (Don’t laugh, it runs Unix) It was in a padded case, but some gremlins snuck in and whacked the front corner so it sticks out now and there’s a risk that the DVD drive’s been skewed and might not be able to accept or eject discs. At least it was just the case and not the LCD. The part of the case that’s bent is $240 on its own, just for the part. Plus labor to completely disassemble the laptop and re-build.

My latest “Oh…craaapp” moment was last week when I got a phone call from someone saying they’d been given my name as an SME (subject matter expert) for a *nix user management tool called BoKS. For a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance “exercise.” Crap on a stick. Twelve and a half hours of meetings this week alone, and it’s still not done. Crap. My normal daily work’s not getting done because I’m spending so much time on SOX. Crap. Oh well, at least it’s not the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency this time. Those are the Federal bank examiners and any time you talk to them, you feel like you’re on trial.