I hereby cancel the rest of the week

Anyone else with me?

There appears to be a black cloud hovering over the Bay Area the past few days. Everyone I’ve talked to has said “Wow, what an awful day I just had!” It’s even seeping into the phone lines and infecting all of the customers I’ve spoken to. Not to mention messing up their Internet connections. It’s been a “bad Internet week.”

zyzzyva, virtee, I know we’ve discussed
this and you’ll back me up… that is, if virtee isn’t busy deleting the Internet… :wink: (He did do this, by the way. Ok so I’m exaggerating. But still.)
What should we do to blow off some steam? It might rain tomorrow, so I’m hoping for some good, quality puddle-jumping…

If you wait until after tonight, I’m with you.

Judging by the atmosphere here at work, I’m not sure I’ll survive till tonight… but we’ll see.

I’m on the other side of the country, but I’ll gladly cancel the rest of the week… I’ve gotten to the stage of my life where the majority of my friends are retired. I get to hear about their lives of leisure… I WANT A LIFE OF LEISURE!!

I’d like to participate in the cancellation.

Does anybody know a good exorcist? I think my toilet is possessed, and it’s spreading to the bathroom sink.

That cloud is probably where your precious rain came from yesterday.

I am also in favor of cancelling the rest of the week. Not because I am having a bad day, but because I got on vacation next week. Woo hoo! I am off to Seattle to visit my fambly for the Fourth of July. There will be scuba diving and homemade ice cream and campfires and my dog’s ears just waiting to be kissed. Can’t wait.

Really, will anyone miss June 27, 28 & 29? I think not.

Me! Me! Tomorrow’s my burfday, please don’t cancel it! (I’ll give you the rest of the week, though…)

Go ahead get rid of it. How about next week too? And while your at it you may as well cancel everything for me until the end of July. I hate working. I’ve got a 1 month vacation (not paid) that I’ll just get to lie around the house and not do a single thing. Yeah it’d be nice if that hurried up and got here.

This is EXACTLY what I need, and count on the wonderful Rasa to deliver just when I need it.

I’m not in the Bay Area, though. I guess the Black Cloud of Crappiness is bigger than you thought.

Not looking forward to the next three days, I vote to cancel June 27, 28 & 29 too. I’d really rather awaken to find the date June 30th.


Got your back on this one, Rasa!

It pretty much sucks.

By the way, I did not delete the Internet…it was an undocumented bug.

Wow slackergirl, zyzz had similar problems. The Black Cloud must have plumbing-destructo rays! It best stay away from our house.

The rain was a Good Thing. It WAS!

And Beadalin? With all due respect, :stuck_out_tongue: to you for having a vacation coming up!

Don’t listen to virtee folks… he did so delete the internet!

Well ok, he deleted the site admin user, which effectively deleted the internet. For one customer. Same thing!

::finger pointed at Rasa accusingly::

I wouldn’t have if Rasa hadn’t distracted me with her seductive female charms! The saucy tart! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmm, saucy tarts…

You’ve got my vote! What’s up with so many people being grouchy and low-energy lately? Cancel away.

BTW, Rasa, stop forwarding all your obscene spam to my work!

Maybe when I go for my follow-up acupuncture tomorrow (shudder) I’ll get my chi realigned… perhaps it’s me that’s causing this ickness!

And Sea: obscene spam makes me turn into… THE FLY!

I am SO up for that! Count me in. What a shitty week.

Well, I daresay I’ve earned it! If it makes you all feel better, last week was a new nadir in crappiness for me. Maybe the cloud has just been working its way west this whole time?

And TroubleAgain, you may celebrate your birthday, I suppose. Hee hee. (Happy brithday in advance!)