I'm going home.

It is with a divided heart that I make the following announcement. Please, hold your applause and/or boos till the end.

Yes folks… the most recent addition to the Bay Area Dopers (or BAD’s as it were) is packing up her toys and going home.

In a nutshell, California has kicked my ass. I’ve had some really good times here and met some amazing people, both from the boards, and not. I’ve also had some pretty awful times here, but we won’t get into those. I truly will miss the Bay Area, and the people I’ve met. I wish I could pack you all up and take you with me.

What it came down to is the realization that I’m tired. I’ve been fighting ever since I got here, and I’m tired of it. Going home isn’t quite admitting defeat, though. Or at least I don’t see it that way. I’m going back to a place I know, a place I love, a place I can find my way with a little bit of support from my friends and family. A place I can afford to live without having to worry quite so much about where my next car payment is going to come from. Mostly, I miss my friends and my family, and don’t want to be 3,000 miles from them anymore.

BAD’s… what can I say. I love you guys, and will miss the hell out of you. You are all responsible for the majority of my good times out here, and without a lot of you, I would have felt pretty lost and alone. So thank you. All of you.

Oh, and I’m bringing virtee with me. He’s sick of living in Silicon Valley, and is looking forward to moving back East. He’s got family in Virginia, and has already had a few promising job offers. I probably would have stayed here with him, if he wasn’t willing to move. But being the amazing person he is, he’s willing to leave his home for me.

Not sure exactly what the timetable is yet, but my job ends July 30th, so I figure sometime shortly after that, beginning of August maybe, I’ll head back East. Not looking forward to the drive, but maybe I’ll take a different route this time. Rt. 80 is hella boring.

So thanks, California. You proved to me that I was stronger than I realized I was… just not quite strong enough. I’m going home.

Rasa, just think about it…coffee milk, chow mein, the Braga Bridge, the Mills…home sweet home. :wink:

It’ll be good to have you back.


… the big blue bug, Del’s Lemonade, Salty Brine saying “No school … Foster, Glouster!”

We gotta have a RI Dopefest when you get back.

I don’t know where “home” is–for you OR for me–but I miss VA on a regular basis.

…Creeeeeeeeeaaaanston, Apple Valley, johnnycakes, the Rustic Drive-In!

Euty: We gotta have a RI Dopefest when you get back.

‘Deed we do! C’mon home Rasa, the Biggest Little is waitin’ for ya!

Aww thanks Blu. I probably won’t be settling in da Riv, but you never know. I lived there for a while and liked it!

Euty, you’re on. We’ll meet up once I get back for sure! We can be the RID’s!

And dropzone, Rhode Island is home for me.

What the fuck is this doing in the Pit? Oops. Sheesh. Meant to post it in MPSIMS.

This is the WORST rant I have ever read.

Thank you Euty you fascist! :wink: (That is, assuming it’s you that moved my misplaced thread.)

Snooooopy, I’m just too worn out to rant well about leaving. If I rant, I’m afraid I might turn into…


[/comic book store guy]
“Worst rant ever!”
[/comic book store guy]

But you’d be a fly who is fun to hang out with. Can’t say that about the large majority of flies.

ah rasa, come home to snow. you know you missed it. perhaps we will have a hurricane in your honour. ca is nice, but new england is solid, granite, clam bakes, and home.

Aww, why’d ya have to go and be all nice, Snooooopy? Heehee… thanks.

We can skip the hurricanes, rocking chair, that’s fine by me. But hell, it better thunder when I get home!

good- more room for the rest of us.
but seriously, from what I’ve read of you, it’s too bad that you’re leaving the area, and before I had a chance to meet you. I probably won’t be able to make the bash at demo’s next month, either. fair thee well, and I agree that I80 hella sucks, having driven it 4 or 5 times. go up thru yellowstone and then jump on 90. it’s slightly more tolerable, plus you can stop at wall drug.

Rasa, the east welcomes you back with open arms. Maybe I’ll get my license in time for a Rid… maybe…

Thanks BDD. It is too bad… but it’s for the best.

And Totoro, we’ll work something out, I’m sure!

All I know is that you need to show at a Dopefest where I show.

Good luck with it all, Rasa.

andygirl, I’m sure we can arrange that! Seeing as how everything is so much closer together out there and all…

Thanks beatle! I need some luck right now.

So…you’re gonna be at the Nor Cal, So Cal Dopefest? You know you wanna. I’d go if I were you.