The Cool Kids, they come to Cali


Good for you.
t minus 11

[whine]I wanna come, too!!![/whine]

That’s because California is the only place on Earth where there are people cooler than us.

Does that mean I’m a cool kid, too? :wink:

Esprix, hopeful

BTW Oldie, you were born and raised here, right?

Yep, it’s official. I’m one of the Cool Kids!

Bay Area Dopers, oldscratch has won his hard-fought battle to get me to come to San Francisco. Well, ok, I really didn’t resist much [sub]…or at all…[/sub], but I had to at least put up some semblance of a fight.

See some of you in Pleasanton! (See scratchie, I got it right this time, can I drive?) I’ll be with oldscratch and zyzzyva. So you’ll have one Rhode Islander (me) and one former Floridian (zyzz) in attendance.

…resume countdown…

That’s it. This place is becoming too damned trendy. I’m moving to Dallas.

California? I thought you were talking about Cali, Colombia.

What the hell’s so big about California? Hell, I lived there. That oughta kill whatever cachet California ever had.

Cali, Colombia. Now that’s the place in which one should be seen. Drug cartels… the edginess of the slums… and best of all, no Ryan Leaf.

Time to partay…

::saunters of humming California Here I Come::

Heh, I’ve been humming that too, Zenster… and Zeppelin’s Going to California. :slight_smile:

woohoo! I have never been a cool kid before.
I think I should strut.

Well, I’m pretty frikin’ cool, even though I am from the East Coast, but I guess going to Cali makes me cool in a West Coast sorta way. :wink:

San Diego in 6 weeks, baby!


San Francisco in 11 days, baby! (Well, San Jose first, but…)


Born and raised in Glendale, CA. I dunno, but Glendale never struck me as being very cool. We are talking GLENDALE, here!

Well, Brand Library is pretty cool.

Cheer up, yosemitebabe, Glendale is loads cooler than Fresno, or god(ess)-forbid-I-should-ever-even-have-to-drive-through-it-again Bakersfield. You could be in <shudder> Chico. Count yer blessings. Glendale means you’re within easy striking distance of Griffith Observatory, a really cool place to take a date.

Hey Rasa, if you get over towards Stanford University, make sure you eat at Mango Cafe.

Yes, I was born and raised in California Sue, mostly.
YEs Esprix, you are now one of the beautiful people :wink:

Okay, now who’s going to take up a collection to get me to LA? Morph? Scratchie? Anyone?

Okay. So I’m not cool and I’m not beautiful. Thanks for the input, guys. :rolleyes: :smiley:

OK. I need every dope to send me 1 dollar. This is for the Nymysys/Silver Fire California Move Fund. or NSFCMF. We are flying Nym to L.A, with a short stop in SF. Silver is going to be travelling through out the state. Come on, don’t be shy. You all like Nymysys and Silve don’t you? You don’t want to be seen as cheap bastards do you?