Coffee. Because jail is a real place and you can't get the MMP there.

I’m sitting in the parking lot of a local Catholic Church, waiting for my usual Monday morning kaffee klatch. It’s me and a few others and it’s a nice start to my week. It’s like a real-life MMP.

It’s also my second-to-last meeting because I GOT THE JOB!!! The work shift is 7-3, so no Monday-morning kaffee klatch. Darn.

How do you start your week? I know with the MMP, but what else? Discuss.

The radio alarm went off at 5. I turned on the TV and turned off the radio, watching for the weather as I contemplated getting up and getting started. Eventually, I was dressed, breakfasted, and on my way to the office, where I am now. That pretty much sums up my Mondays unless it’s a Monday holiday.

Yes, it’s hard to be me.

Oh, and no coffee. I get my caffeine from Diet Coke, the way God intended.


But this is the week I move to my own office - woohoo!!

Happy Moanday!

Not much of a coffee drinker except during the winter when it’s useful for warding off the cold as well. I drink iced tea by the gallon so that’s a likely source.

Though I may break that rule today. Lots to do and I work night shift tonight.

**Tugig **- if you’re working the night shift, why are you awake now?? Think about these things, man! :stuck_out_tongue:

My boss was coming in early today to get me started on a new task. Early was 25 minutes ago. yeah. I guess it’s gonna be one of those days.

Rolled out of bed at 5, grumbling “don’t wanna…” The first part is pretty much daily, the second seems to be Monday-ly for this job.

Our shift is 9-18 with 1h for lunch, theoretically. Personally I’d much rather work earlier hours; I know 6pm is still considered “early” by people whose beds don’t kick them out at 5am, but in my case it’s about 1h too late to do anything requiring focus. I’m bringing my own food and my colleagues tend to set up meetings at what’s their close of day, my lunchtime, so that hour-long lunch break is baloney. Sadly the culture here seems to be much more accepting of getting in late than of leaving early. Last week I piled up all those no-lunch-break minutes plus a meeting I had after hours and left early on Friday; this week the plan is to leave early and see if anybody says anything.

Not sure why do I have to come to the office to work, or why I had to move in order to do that. Except for one guy who isn’t even from my specialty, the whole rest of our team is in other countries. I can help that guy by patting him on the shoulder when his customers do something stupid, but that’s about it. The job could have been WFH.

Moanday flavored blurf.

Never can start a Moanday with rose’s Blurf…

Alarm is set for 5:05am, but as usual I was up about 15 minutes before that. I take a full bath each morning (hey, I have one of those big ‘whirlpool’ tubs, so why not?), watch a little Sportscenter (or Family Guy, depending on my mood) and maybe read a chapter of whatever book I have open (currently War of Honor by David Weber…I’m doing a re-read of his whole Honor Harrington series-this is number 10 of 13, not counting side-story novels).

Then off to work, with a stop to pick up B-fast (usually a Mountain dew and a snack) and arrive around 6:10am (which is weird since I don’t officially start until 7:00am).

Ask me again in a month, after I am safely retired and see what my new habits will be (bet it won’t include waking up at 5am…)

You know what I want?

I want a programmable bathtub. I’d roll out of bed, pee, dunk and dry. Yep.


I always start my day with a potion made from magic beans.

On my days off I start the day off with my own coffee. On irk days I start it with tea and fill up my Big Mug with irk coffee.

Fluffy Sam is being a big ol’ bag of need right now. I think she’s trying to apologize for eating the azaleas in my vase last night.

Nope, she was trying to get up on the desk to eat them again. Joke’s on you, kitty, I’m packin’ water up here! (Irish Storyteller gave me a couple of Cat Correction Devices, i.e. dollar store waterguns. They’re quite effective.)

Extra blurf

They hired some new people so our work teams got rearranged again. I’m stuck with the office moron for the foreseeable future.

tax day…:eek:.sure you all did yours months earlier. I finally finished mine last night after re submitting about 5 times. ya think the software could fix their own mistakes!:dubious:

Happy Moonday!

Gonna be a warm one today, supposed to get up to 80.

Moondays are usually my slowest, catch up, get organized day. It’s when I make the TO DO LIST for the week, which is always a joke, because most of it never gets done. However, making a TO DO LIST makes me feel productive.

Now ask me why I was up making fish at 4:30 in the am.

Sah-son told me cat is sleeping in the litter box, which caused me to flip out because from my pet sitting days, the only cats I’ve known to sleep in their litters boxes were the ones who died.
Cat was just hiding, however he doesn’t seem to be eating or using the litter box for anything other than sleeping, so I was up cooking fish at 4:30 am for him. Hopefully, that will entice him to eat, and he better not get used to being spoiled!

Maybe I need to add a can of tuna to the shopping list.

Since there were a few cat hairs in the water, we are assuming he has been drinking.
I have to call the vet today to set up his checkup appointment, so we’ll see what they have to say.

This week I’m off on Monday, so I’m sitting here in my robe with a cup of tea and wasting time/relaxing on the internet.

On working Mondays by this time I’m at work figuring out what inventory needs to be moved from the backroom to the salesfloor.

Filed 5 weeks ago, and the refunds already spent. Visa hates me because my balance is finally approaching $0.

Just noticed the “Fit” label on my granola. This would explain why it seems like uncooked, unflavored oats. Shoot. I was so looking forward to my granola. The cat is circling, like a little furry, adorable shark, waiting for the cereal milk. Dream on Fuzz-butt!

Other than that - blurf!

I don’t set an alarm because I don’t think it is healthy to be scared awake. I just get going when I wake up which is usually around 730 ish. I don’t make coffee at home but I do have one of my employees trained to bring me a cup as soon as I arrive in the office.

I have only two days to submit my budget which is not even close to being finished due to too many interruptions last week. I am about to put a sign on my door that “training is in progress” in hopes of having some peace and quiet. The phone is the only other distraction. Not alot I can do about that except take if off the hook.

On the taxes front we got off very lucky this year. We always have to pay because hubby is self-employed. This year we only had to pay $800 instead of the $15K we were thinking because he had a ton of deductions from stocking up on parts and units.

Monday almost always starts with some level of laundry. We’re either getting home from a weekend trip and have that laundry to add to the pile so who not start it now - or - like this weekend doing a lot of dirty chores around the house and having local fun and we don’t want the stains to set so — so Monday is at least a fast load or two.

Speaking of which I think the washer finally stopped.

Diet Coke? Heathen! If you’re going to drink soda, at least drink it the way God actually intended, with sugary goodness along with the bubbles. I’ll not let anything with the word “diet” on it touch my lips.:wink:

Smokey doesn’t like it when all I have for breakfast is a Boost shake. She tries to drink my coffee, but I don’t let her. Jeez, cat, not everything I eat is meant to be shared!