Voluntary MMP - the noob part 2

Well since I might be the first up and we had a noob start this last week, maybe another noob starting this week won’t be too bad.

Been up since 4:20 AM sippin’ coffee and trying to get going on a Monday. Feeling like a slug but the caffeine might kick soon. :o

Thankfully, I work at home on Mondays & Fridays. Otherwise, I’d probably have moved on to a 2nd career delivering pizzas or something.

I’ve got 20 minutes until I need to clock in and I still haven’t figured out breakfast yet. Might be another long week.

I wanted to thank all of you for being so nice. It wasn’t until I’d been posting here a while that I noticed how many of you are charter members and that I might be intruding, but everyone’s been very welcoming.

Off to work, over to you!



ETA: Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ YAWN Tis 75 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 97 and super hyoooooooomid! I’m guessin’ a heat index of around 110 or so. Summer hangs on in south Jawja!

That’s about all I got for now. Thanks for startin’ us off Brick! The way to fit in here is to post and just jump on in. Anything and everything goes!

Now I shall seek out more caffiene and feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!

What is this intruding thing?

The coffee machine in my floor is broken. Thus, we could not get coffee locally. This was solved by going out of the building for coffee. If anybody asks, we intend to claim it was an organizational meeting; after all, the big blue database is down until tomorrow afternoon, so it’s not like there’s much most of us can do for now.


That is all.

I’m not quite as purply blurfy as Bobbio - but I’m somewhat blurfy.

I woke up every hour last night! Arrgghhh. Either I was thirsty, or sweaty, or a dog bumped me, or Mr Rebo was snoring - it was very annoying.

So I skipped the gym and slept another hour. I brought my bag, so I intend to go to the gym and swim and do water aerobics at lunch.

Brick - no newbie has ever intruded on the MMP! We welcome everybody! Thanks for getting us started.

Back to my warm caffeinated beverage…


Good morning! Thanks for starting us off, Brick.

As Nava pointed out, “intruding” isn’t part of our vocabulary.

FCM is responsible for our motto: “we’re nice, dammit!” Well, it’s her motto, but we’ve got it out on permanent loan. :smiley:

Happy Monday, all!



Mornin to you all!

I am feeling much less blurfy today than I have in the past week or so. Mr. Jackal has come home from Seattle (He had another job interview.) Clockwork Jr. is happy to have him home. Only three days til Folk Fest starts, I’m pretty excited about that! Yeah!


Obligatory nickname suggestion: Windup Wolf (?)

Goooooooood morning, one and all!!! :smiley: Amazingly enough, we stayed up till 11 last night - we never do that!! Scruffy woke me up a bit before 6, so I let her out, then crawled back into bed. Taz made himself comfy across my right arm, and I dozed till 7:30-ish. I was nekkid in the hallway getting a couple of clean towels out of the linen closet when my daughter walked in. So much for “I’ll be there between 8 and 9.”

Anyway, **FCD **and I pulled on some clothes and the 3 of us had a wholesome breakfast of cereal. Afterwards, we loaded a bunch of stuff into daughter’s car - things she needed to take to school - and she helped us unload the truck. Then she was off to school to finish readying her classroom for the invasion of the new 5th graders, and we headed to Lowe’s for a few items.

After we got home, we both pretty much decided we didn’t want to work in the basement today. I installed a new phone jack so I can hang the basement phone on the wall. We dumped salt into the holding tank and started heating and mixing the water for this week’s water change. Then I started some laundry.

Now **FCD **is watching stuff blow up on the History channel and here I am. I think this will be a mostly lazy Monday. Yay! :smiley:

Good start, Brick! Heck, you jumped into the MMP like a pro - I was really surprised when I saw your join date. Obviously you were destined to be one of us. There’s a thought that’ll keep you awake at night! :eek:

Well I’m enjoying another foodless N.O.L. by taking my mandatory 1/2 hour and checking in. Don’t worry though, I plan on making up for not eating now by cooking up a nice Delmonico on the Foreman grill and having a little side-salad for supper. There’s one muffin that survived extinction last night which is being saved for dessert.

Thank you, Moooom! Everyone here is so nice. I need to start saving reading the MMP for after I get my eyes blistered over in the 'Pit. Or maybe I just need to start avoiding the 'Pit entirely. Lots of anger and un-fun silliness over there.

Right now I’m enjoying an RC Cola while I try to figure out what to do with my remaining free 15 minutes. The good news is my blurf-ful Monday, irk-wise, is done in a little over 2 hours.


I’ve got a butt load of house-work type stuff to do around here today. And what am I doing? Sitting here talking to you’se guys.

Ok, off to the library, then back to be domestic.

Homeade Tomato Sauce Take 2 is on the stove simmering now. We doubled the amount of tomatoes and some other stuff. When it’s done, I’ll post the recipe here because it will be better than the “official” one. The revised version is the one that should go on the blog.

I need to do some yoga later. All this riding around in the car has messed up my back more. Must stretch it out.

Anyone else have kidderz heading back to skool today? Looking forward to a good report about that when I get home tonite.

Travelling in today the radio was talking about how many passenger tires are splodin’ due to the hot pavement. Not a huge surprise there. The drought’s caused everything else to literally go to hell in a handbasket, might as well affect driving too. Farmers and ranchers in the state will lose 5.5 billion this year. Today is the 32nd (I think) day this summer’s hit 100. We’re in a record setting 22 daze in a row of 100s right now and it hasn’t rain an inch here since the 24th… of January.

On the plus side however, did you know there’s a number of really refreshing teas for sale at the grocery nowadays? Cool beans.

I agree. The MMP is one of the nicest features of this board. No drama, no snark ( ok, well a little, but it’s funny snark & not mean snark) No peeing all over other people’s beliefs. I like it in here. I think Imma stay. Oh, thanks for starting the MMP this week, Brick! I had a real good idea for one, but I will wait my turn :smiley:

Oooooooooooo I get a nickname?

I gotta come by here more often. :slight_smile:

I b’lieve the kidlets in my county go back to school on Weds. My daughter’s school doesn’t start till Sep 6, so she’s go 2 more weeks to get her classroom ready. Well, really, just one week - the week before school starts is chock full of meetings and stuff. rah.

DC and one adjacent county started today.

I’m enjoying being a bum. I’ll do real work tomorrow. Today, I’m doing laundry and chilling. That suits me just fine. I may be getting the hang of this retirement thing after all.


Oh, and **Pearl **- claim any MMP you want whenever you want. **gt **usually keeps track, and most of us are cool about stepping aside if someone wants to do a special occasion MMP or whatever. That’s just the way we roll. :smiley:

Jack, everyone gets nicknames, some get multiples, and some even make sense. Well, sense in a convoluted MMP sorta way. :wink:

FCM (or anybody else that’s been there) what’s the best thing about retirement so far? I think I’d enjoy not having to commute, to never again battle impatient drivers as they whiz to and fro, all the while consumed with the stresses of the office. Five days of that and I’m basket-worthy. Skipping those battles would do wonders toward making the entire day more pleasant for me.

My eldest doesn’t go back to school until the 6th of September. She’s already in third grade. Sigh. I swear she was just a little tiny baby a few days ago.

I’m so happy right now. The finalized copy of my book contract came in the mail today. The editor’s letter was so nice! I shall sit here and kvell. Life is good. Hard, complicated, exhausting, frenetic and more than a bit scary but damned good.

I’ll see that, and raise you a mrfl and a mixture of “ow’s” and “oy’s”
I’m back to work after 4 weeks of disability leave. I have yet to find out what this will do as far as discipliary action. H/R has me covered - but I’ve been out A LOT this year, so the idea I mentioned briefly last week (the week before?) may be my only choice

see, now *my *mind went to **Orange Wolf

We enjoyed it, too, and we’re happy to see Brick taking a turn. **Orange **- you’re next <insert evil grin here>