This Could Be The MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 72 Amurrkin out and rainy with a predicted high of 77 and rain/tstorms/apocalypse this mornin’ with scattered tstorms this afternoon. We shall see. No big plans for the day. We shall sup upon leftover chikin pot pie. Da cave is pretty clean right now though I may give the bathrooms and the kitchen a spiff up. That’s pretty much the planned excitatement today.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then I suppose I should purtify and face the day.

Ima submit this and see if anybody jumped in ahead of me.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Hello! Good morning, all.

It’s gonna be one of those days. Got up to a dense fog advisory, and could not see across the street. Two hours later, I THINK there is a building there…

We are rudderless without FCM! Hope everyone has been using coasters. It’s raining here in no. Illinois and probably going to rain the whole day. Other than that, at irk. Swampy, you feeling better?

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Closing shift tonight. It’s warm and cloudy, I expec rain.

I think Spidey is using them to play Frisbee Golf in the dining room.

I have cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen. Even mopped. I also washed and dried the bathroom and kitchen rugs. I feel that is productive enough for now. 'Tis rainy, dreary, and icky out. A good day to be in da cave.

WetOne thanks. I am feelin’ better. I really think it was just my body adjustin’ to the new meds.

Big day, color on my mascot. I can’t go til 9:30, some stupid rule at the school, no visitors til then, I argued about being a paid artist. So, I am sitting at sonic til time to go back. I hope they have some heat on in that gym, cause it is very cool this moanin’ ! I really despise Mondays, but I am rearing to go on this paint job, plus I have a couple of leads on some more commissiolns. One to do some stage backdrops for a theatre group, sounds interesting! Quiet around the house since the lil’wrekker left yesterday. So I am glad to be busy and not moping around. Gotta get going, happy day y’all…ms.rex

Blurf My favorite coffee shop opened this morning even though with limited product but they had coffee and zarfs. Happy Moanday everyone.

In response to the title of this fine thread my brain flashed right away to:

I keep a couple for kick-stand plates under Bessie. When she is out standing in her field she tends to tip over. :slight_smile:
Dreary cold wet day and turning colder. We may get a couple days of fall but predictions are that winter will arrive in a couple days with temps in the 40s maybe for highs.

I thought I’d start us off this moaning, but when I awoke, Swampy had already done such, so I rolled back over & then slept waaaaay later than I wanted to - catching up from multiple short nights & non-stop days.

T’was not us. I did speak to the owner; for once the news had it right. It safely landed in the parking lot & then a gust blew it into the building; no one was injured.

She said, “Jesus was with us this morning”
I’m thinking she’s one of those people, but then, after a pause, she added “…literally!” (The envelope got caught on the cross.)

Absolutely not true!

I resent that comment! :mad: :mad: :mad:

The course is set up in the den & living rooms; [del]dining room[/del] crossword puzzle table room is off limits.

Morning all! We used to have coasters, but they keep disappearing. I’m fairly certain the house gremlins have a use for them. There is one left, and we stick it under whatever 'Beamer is drinking, because he can make a mess without even trying.

Today I am supposed to take Pepper over to the doggie daycare place in town for an evaluation. Now that it’s pouring down rain, I’m looking for playtime options for her. The dog park is more like a lake. She still runs around, but no one else comes. Hopefully this will work out as an alternate.

Happy Moanday all!

Hmmmm ----- that could also explain why my mortar is dirty and several golf balls are missing. :wink:

Morning all. Supposed to rain all day today, but looking at the radar it looks like it did all the raining last night and should be clear today.

Both of my 10-U soccer teams were eliminated from the tournament this weekend (the kids did well, but we never figured out how to score goals), so except for the 6-U girls, coaching is done. Still will be refereeing for a bit.

Guess I’ll have more time to ignore house-cleaning.

Butters, step by step…

Wreck, hope the painting goes well.

And now to forage for food…

I do own and use coasters. I also have several biiiiiiiiiiiiig glass ash trays I use as coasters. They are great because they are large enough to accommodate a big coffee mug. The things are also heavy. Plus they are easy to clean if’n ick gets in 'em.

Wrekker hope the job goes well. Appropriate/inappropriate appendages crossed re the other commissions.

Butters they have coffee and zarfs! What more could you want! :smiley:

Swampy, I missed it. What new meds are you on? Statins can cause ick and muscle aches.

Lunch was sour cream/chive mashed taties, and a hamburgler patty with Swiss cheese and mushrooms. Twas tasty.


It does make me worry, what does Mom have to eat in the life raft?

Not much else matters Swampy as long as there are zarfs. :smiley:

Painting is going good, got all colors on! Got to work a jr.high ball game this evening, I am gonna be tired to night, for sure ! I will sleep this week. Nothing down for tomarrow yet! I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, Mr.Wrekker will certainly find me a project since we will both be around the house. I gotta finish closet cleaning, ugh! Have a good evening all!

WetOne one is a sulfa drug and one is an anti-biotic. Both are short term but powerful boogers. At least more powerful that I’m used to takin’. I am a medication wimp. Stuff that wouldn’t phase most adults will knock me for a loop.

Leftover chickin pot pie has been et. Enough left for us both to have for N.O.L. tomorrow. I took a couple ham steaks outta da freezer for tomorrow. I’ll figure out some kind of sides.

butters, zarfs!

Nelson scared the ever lovin’ hell out of me this morning. When I was getting ready for irk, I dropped an earring on the carpet. He beat me to it. I had to fish it out of his mouth, complete with doggy ick. :eek: The next step, had that failed, would have been to call the emergency vet.

At irk, the cow-orker who needs to retire yesterday, tried to dump a bunch of her work on the other guy and me. We both told her to go fly a kite. :stuck_out_tongue: