How muggy is it in the MMP?

I let the dog out this morning, took a deep breath, and almost drowned!!

Happy Moanday!

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 71 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 88 and mostly cloudy with a chance of rain this afternoon. Accordin’ to TWPTB, rain shall set in tonight and we will have rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the next few days. We shall see. Today I shall spiff da cave. Really about all that needs doin’ is to vacuum and dust as well as clean the master bathroom. The rest of da cave is pretty much OK although I’m sure I’ll mop the kitchen and bathroom floors cause, well, one should once a week at least I suppose. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house, thus steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’. We shall have fresh green beans, fresh corn on the cob, (except I’ll cut the corn off the cob for myself cause I don’t like to gnaw on corn cobs), sallit, the usual snausage 'n mustard appetizer as well as whatever everybody brings to throw on the grill. I shall betake myself over early to snap beans and get stuff prepped. Always a good time.

So, what’s everybody else up to this week? Anything in addition to irk, domestic duties, etc.? [del]Nosy[/del] Inquirin’ [del]bears[/del] minds want to know.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I suppose I should get on with the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

What I’m up to this week depends on if I get any calls from the recruitin’ people. Right now I’m going to do some writing and miscellaneous personal organization.

They keep threatening us with thunderboomers but so far it’s been a lot of noise and not a lot of rain.

Morning all. Rain and thunder-boomers got me up about 5am, but they are moving out of the area so hopefully not a lot of humidity today…but more rain is in the forecast for later this week.

Supposed to have my new (replacement) windows installed today, getting the front ones with a “Colonial” pattern (grids) and the back with plain old glass. These, unlike the ones I have, will have half screens so I will be able to open them without admitting the wildlife to the interior of the house.

I do have to remove the sashes for the blinds, will do that shortly.

Happy Moonday!

It’s hot and N.O.S.outside. Still no rain.

I have a huge blurf.
I didn’t get enough sleep.
I woke up for some reason, then I got caught up in some TV show. I can’t remember the name, it was on the foreign channel. Somewhere in there I remembered that the trash hadn’t gone out and when Sah-son took it out the cat ran out the door. At 2:30am I was out on the porch trying to find the cat.
I woke at 7 and couldn’t get back to sleep.
I foresee a nap in the near future.

Nothing special for me to do this week. Irk, house irk, and chipping away at the To Do List. New light bulbs should be here today, so I can get the light bulb switched and the globe put back on. If I had known it wasn’t going to rain I could have sprayed the grass growing through the cracks in the sidewalk. From the looks of it we can do that today.

Still waiting to hear news about my new puppy. The litter hasn’t arrived yet, it’s due near the end of June. I still haven’t told my son about it, but I have time. Or maybe I’ll just go pick the pup up at the airport and come home with a SUPRISE!

Happy New Windows MetalMouse

Thank you Sunny if you can figure out what the flower is. I have no idea, the seed I put out is a mix. So far it is a lone flower, but other stalks are coming up.

A’rtnoon, mumpers! It was a whopping 31.5 celsius yesterday over here, that’s nearly 88 of your Ammurkin degrees. We was wiltin’, so we was. I was at my mum’s, she was definitely not enjoying the heat so there was lots of resting done and I managed to talk her into having an ice cream while we were out so she had something nice and cold.

Today the weatherman just said “scorchio”, and for those who don’t understand why it makes us Brits laugh, here’s the answer: Scorchio! Turns out it was only going to hit 29 degrees (84 to you) but since it was already 21 when I left the house this morning, it feels a lot hotter than that.

This week I am tidying up the odds and ends from our exam processing, we’ve still got students who have marks to amend and some who are arguing about their results. After that, we start writing to the ones who’ve got resits in August, and I start sorting out what exams we need to schedule.

Also, the guy who looked after our first and second year students has gone on loan to another dept for four months so I’m now looking after his stuff as well so I am poking through the mailboxes to see what’s going on.

And I have a cold, so I’m coughing and sniffing and sneezing. Is not fun.

I hear “scorchio” and I think of little dragons.

What we thought was a blackberry vine growing up against the side porch turned out to be a raspberry vine. If my roommates are quick they might get a ripe berry before I pick them all. I loooooooove raspberries.

Blurf When my old computer died last month it took with it all my saved passwords except all the ones I had written down. The only one I needed that I has not written down was my online car payment. When I hit forgot password it asks for my account number and zip code. Guess what I don’t have? The flipping account number and since everything is paperless I don’t even have it at home. So I call them. Not. One cannot speak with a live person for any reason what so ever. I was ready to scream. Using my social did not work, using the VIN did not work. After two hours of going around and trying different numbers I just gave up. I figured when the payment is late someone will contact me. I have never been late with a payment. Not ideal. Long story I finally guessed the damn password and was able to write it and the account number down. So aggravated.

Got an email from the Director to keep an eye to the weather as there are two potential tropical storms out there. Our weather is already yucky on account of one of them. I am praying for a small storm enough to shut us down for a few days. I don’t want to evacuate and don’t want to lose power but just enough of a threat to shelter in place at home for a day or three would be perfect.

Gimpy knees are feeling a little better each day and I get traumatized again on Wed. Now my back is hurting I suppose from walking funny on sore knees. Can’t win for losing.

Happy Moanday. Feel better BooFae

With not on. I am not walking on my knees. Geez.

When I think of Scorch & dragons, I think of this big (145’ tall) guy! I get to see him this weekend, too!

Barbaro had knee problems; you know what they did to him, right?
Butters: My knees feel wonderful! Anyone wanna go dancing?

Actually, I messed up my (one) knee; walking flat is okay but can’t run or walk hills. :frowning:
Right now, it will effect this coming weekend’s activities as I’m not up for what is on the schedule.

Scorchio indeed. Even the neighbours at irk were complaining that it was too hot, and they’re from India.

Definitely too hot to be irking in a kitchen, which is what I was doing all day.

The chef du jour who was supposed to be there for an interview/trial didn’t show, so it could be anyone cooking by my next shift, which is Friday. Well, except Mk2, who apparently requested both my and the other waitress’ phone numbers on his way out. Ew. Luckily the boss knew I couldn’t stand him and refused. He claimed he needed it because he was going out for a drink with me. If I walked into a bar and saw him there, I would turn around and walk back out. Guy ain’t right in the head.

I quite like Mk3 (provisional); boss isn’t impressed because he’s been an assistant in a bigger place, not a solo cook, so he’s going to take a while to get up to speed, but he’s willing and friendly, and the stuff he is confident on is good. Given how competitive the local chef job market is, I suspect that finding someone experienced and confident enough to hit the ground running, who doesn’t have massive issues, isn’t going to happen at the wages available.

Oh well, the way stuff’s going, I ain’t gonna be there even until my supposed leaving date anyway. I have become the person who gets sent home when it’s quiet, and only gets 2-3 shifts a week…

Yay for windows MetalMouse!

Sari I’m putting the flower on the list and will try to get to it in the next day or to. :o Stoopid list.

BooFae 29 is plenty hot for me. Anything over 23 or so is too hot for me. I like it pleasantly cool. Good luck and feel better from the sniffles.

BigKitty Transplant that raspberry or something and keep it safe. I love raspberries! Now that I think about it, I believe there are some MMPers who do not like raspberrers. :confused:

Butters You can use something like “LastPass” to store all your passwords, and access them from any device. Then you only have to remember the password you use for LassPass. It works pretty well. I know, barn door, horse.

Good luck with the weather. May it be just bad enough. :wink: Hope your knees start feeling better too. FWIW, my BiL put off hip replacement (close enough) surgery forever. Now that he’s had it, he’s a new man. He could hardly walk before and now he’s mister yoga, bike ride, hike, camp, [del]show off[/del]. :stuck_out_tongue: I know it seems scary, but it might be for the best, before it gets any worse.

Went and saw The Mummy last night. I could see what they wanted to do with the film. I was itching to take red ink to the script when I walked out. I can also see why audiences were disappointed, having expected something completely different. It’s an old fashioned monster movie, with star crossed lovers and a little League of Extraordinary Gentleman thrown in. Poor marketing, poor editing, and bob’s your uncle.

Kids are out of school. I’m going to let them relax for a day or two, and then start putting some routine in around them.

Happy Moanday all.

Two points.

I am suffering from jet lag. Trying to keep a normal schedule but I could nap the afternoon away. Back to irk tomorrow.

Howdy Y’all! Da cave is spiffed and I have accomplished nappage. ‘Tis warm and muggy out. It really feels like it should be rainin’. ICK!

Butters glad the knees are feelin’ better and yay for found/remembered password.

BooFae feel better soonest.

I am not a big raspberry fan. I don’t despise 'em however. I’m pretty much not a berry fan except for strawberries which I’m told are not really a berry.

There are people who eat Brussels sprouts and claim they’re tasty. De gustibus non est disputandem.

My cry to the heavens for piecework while I wait for longer-term piecework has been heeded. The dealership people liked me so I’m filling in on this Saturday with a hint of more fill-ins as people go on vacation.

swampy, if strawberries aren’t a berry then what are they? :confused:

An aggregate accessory fruit, according to wikipedia. Sounds like something you buy from a quarry to me, but there you go.

I should away to juggling club, but it involves putting proper clothes on, and it’s toooo hot [/whine]

A fruit.

I had a little nap and feel a whole lot better.

Then I found a little puddle of water on the powder room floor and wish I had stayed in bed.
I’m not sure where it is coming from, yet.

Looks like we are finally getting some rain.

Thank you Sunny - if it helps the plant is about 3 feet tall. I’ve searched a little online but there are so many plants out there.

I don’t like raspberries, nor blackberries, nor blueberries, nor strawberries (berry or not). I don’t like most fruits, I don’t know why. They look pretty, and smell delicious (except for bananas), and there are so many interesting ways to fix them. Then I bite into them and YUK!
I do like brussels sprouts though. In small amounts, too many of them make my stomach hurt.

I hope you feel better Boo Fae.

It was supposed to get up to 92 here today, but since it started raining the temp has dropped to 71.
According to my phone app we are having a thunderstorm right now. My app is wrong.

Aren’t berries fruit?

That’s because they’re poison. Don’t eat poison.