WOTE Cover of "Somebody That I Used To Know" Better than the Original

The latest Pop-Indie hit is by Gotye called “Somebody That I Used To Know” is a pretty good song (Video here).

But check out Walk Off the Earth’s Version. I think it is better on its own, but the video is just amazingly cool, five people, one guitar. I could watch this over and over.

This is cool, although the guy on the right is clearly phoning it in.

I see your five voices and a guitar and raise you just five voices.

I posted that awhile ago, and yeah, its cool but I am pretty certain that the band themselves admitted that the whole “five people one guitar” thing wasn’t recorded as such and is staged and lip-synched.

And strangely, while I like both versions and I used to like WOTE’s better, I gravitate more towards Gotye’s now.

Drain Bead - nah, that’s an a capella group doing what a capella groups do. The cover the OP found is really cool because FIVE people are playing together on ONE guitar.*

And it is a pretty cool song.

*But apparently it’s all staged!Damn!

Very nice, but you can’t raise me with something that is technically and musically inferior. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn…that black guy’s mouth percussion is off the chain!

Its five people simulating playing one guitar while a pre-recorded version of the song plays that they lip-synch (and pretend play the guitar) to.

I read that it is not lip-synched and that it took 14 hours to get one good take.

Or it isn’t.

Hey, I want it to be real! I like that song and their version! I’m just saying that I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the band themselves owned up to the fact that it was set up for the video. I am open to being shown I’m wrong…I’d be happier then anyway.

It’s obviously had a lot of audio retouching done, but I think it was a real recording. At least they did the song again on the Ellen show. It sounds worse than the original version, but is close enough. The middle guy especially sounds a lot worse. Either there was something wrong with his voice in the Ellen version, or there was a lot of autotuning or something similar on him in the original.

Yeah, they did admit, I think, to doing a certain amount of cleanup in post-production.

Naah, I prefer the original over either cover, thanks. Neither has Kimbra’s voice, for one thing.