Walk Of The Earth: Somebody That I Used To Know

Anyone seen this band? Surely you have. This video has nearly 20,000,000 views. Well…I’m late to the party and I am impressed! I like the “five people playing the guitar at once” gimmick (because it works) and also because their lead and harmony vocals are stellar…and its just a cool song. Check it out!


Edit: I meant Walk OFF The Earth! Dammit!

It’s a good cover, but hopefully you’ve seen the original by Gotye (featuring Kimbra), it’s killer. (Cool video too.)

This song has been massive here in Australia, and I understand it’s starting to get a bit of attention in the US and elsewhere too, which is great.

If you think that’s impressive, what about them doing it on a ukulele?

Was discussing this version with my bro (who is a musician) yesterday and we reckon it wasn’t done live - in his words, “the vocals are just too present”. I don’t doubt that they can do it, but perhaps not so perfectly.

Best cover version I’ve ever seen.