WotW:Rachel's Diagnosis -Unboxed Spoilers

Ok. You guys are going to sit there and tell me that Rachel (Dakota Fanning’s Character) from WotW was that… troubled simply because she was clausterphobic?

I admit its the end of the world, and all of that stuff… but I can’t shake the fact that she had something else going on ‘upstairs’ before all of the destruction started.

I would also argue that the entire “Blindfold” scene was a tad too far – for a normal 10 year old.

You’re right, because it’d be just fine to let any “normal” 10-year old run the risk of witnessing you murdering another human being

Plus, she liked hummus! Freak!

I would say that by the time they got to the basement, the word normal doesn’t apply to anything.

I’d say it was more likely that she had an anxiety disorder than anything else. Probably caused by Tom Cruise trying to convert her. :wink:

I’m surprised at all the criticism over Rachel’s screaming. Have you ever been around 10 year olds? They’ll scream bloody murder if a bee flies near them (actually, I know adults who do this). If giant mechanical tripods from space were vaporizing people and immolating your home town, there’s going to be a lot of screaming. I think too many movies have the characters way too calm in situations that would leave most people in hysterics.