Would a Cabbage Patch Kid fit in an American Girl wheelchair?

And, no, this is not some noble effort on our part to create a self-esteem-boosting toy for some poor disabled child. This is completely in the interests of camp.

We have a friend who has a Cabbage Patch doll that he’s named “Jane Hudson”…he has a Facebook profile for her and there’s an ongoing gag that whenever something goes wrong around his house it’s Jane’s fault.

Well, we recently “rescued” my brother’s old Cabbage Patch doll from my mom’s house, and we’re considering turning it into “Blanche Hudson”. We need to figure out how to find a CP-doll-sized wheelchair and an old-fashioned black dress (schoolmarm or Mormon or Mennonite or something) to fit a Cabbage Patch, also. It LOOKS to me like the American Girl dolls are roughly the same size as Cabbage Patch dolls (although proportioned differently), so it LOOKS to me like the American Girl wheelchair would fit this doll. Anyone know? Long-shot, I know…

I see that you have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

“Baby Jane”, not “Streetcar”. :slight_smile:

I think the Cabbage Patch dolls are a lot wider than the American Girl dolls, but they also have squishy-soft bodies. It might not look quite right, but I think you could stuff the doll into it.

This My Twinn doll wheelchair is another option, though it might be a tad large.

I did see that, but I’m not sure the bright pink is the effect we want.

Spray paint fixes many sins.

I bought one of those wheelchairs a few years back, and I think you could do it if you don’t mind it being a tight fit.

My sister got a wheelchair with the doll version of herself. If I can find one of our old Cabbage Patch dolls, I’ll check.

My only concern is that the newer Cabbage Patch dolls look smaller when I see them on TV.