would a male dog on an island without females be concerned?

suppose a male dog is in a place where there are no females in heat around. I.e. not just no access to them but also no traces of their smell. If it lives there for a year, will it at some point become concerned and start more intensive exploration trying to find a mate? Or do they react purely to the smell stimulus in the neighborhood so that without it they are not concerned with mating?

since a male dog can lick himself he may not be concerned.

Sounds like you are asking if there is a compulsion in male dogs to seek a mate.

My experience with dogs is no, there is no such compulsion that kicks in and drives them to zoom around looking for chicks. Not sure they ever really even think about it much. More it seems when a female is present and in heat then that switch in their head gets flipped and they go for it.

If a female isn’t around, they are quite content to hump your leg.

Male dogs seem to get stimulated easily.

I second their needing to be a female in heat present. And from experience with some of the males I’ve owned, it doesn’t neccessarily have to be a dog! Mine loved to stick his nose in a womans crotch and get a good whiff and then start humping. Funny how they would laugh at him for that but if I did it I got smacked (or worse!) Ha! :-p

As a side morbidly funny note: My girlfriends daughter would take her “stuff” wrap it in TP, place in ziplock bag and dispose in trashcan. We came home one day to find all these plastic bags on the floor with one corner bitten off and the contents eaten by my dog. I wonder if I could market that through PetsMart?