Castrated dog q

I used to have a dog (a terrier) who was ‘done’, and I dont mean done ina good way. Anyway, some time after he was ‘done’ we rescued a bitch from the dog pound who wasnt spayed. Every time the bitch went in to heat the dog wold try to mount her. (Unless he had the aid of a chair this generally wasnt possible as the bitch was a medium-sized springer spaniel. And he usually tried to mount the wrong end anyway. I guess he had an oral fixation) My question is why would a a dog who was ‘done’ still have an interest in a bitch on heat? Surely he wouldnt be producing enough testostorone?

I’ve seen fixed dogs hump things all the time. Apparently the brain says to have sex because it isn’t really cognizant of the fact that it’ll do no good as far as continuation of the species goes.

Heck…I’ve seen a few female dogs hump stuff as if they were male…go figure.

As to the oral fixation that seems common too. I see that sort of thing often at the dog park. From a lifetime of observation I would hazard a guess that male dogs in the mood don’t give a crap what it is, or which end, they’re humping and they have at it.

I think it’s just “in” them (heh heh) to do it. My cat was neutered as a kitten, yet he still mounts females if given the opportunity. The strange thing is, that is stops at mounting. There is no motion at all- he just stands there. Regardless, I think it’s just an instinctual thing that tells them to “mate, dammit!”

Also, I, too, have seen dogs both male and female, “fixed”, doing the deed on anything that would stand still. A few years ago at my birthday, my uncle’s male, neutered puppy started humping my daughter’s stuffed animals and a talking Curly Howard toy. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

From this site:


His interest will be reduced but if he is around a female dog in heat, he will become aroused by her. Mounting behavior often has roots in the expression of dominance and may be expressed by a neutered male in a variety of circumstances that are not motivated by sexuality.

I suspect it’s what richardb posted. Our dog trainer said females mount other females all the time just to try to show dominance.

I had my female Golden Retriever fixed and she continually tried to mount two large stuffed tigers I had. It made my dad cringe (and throw the tigers away) but I always figured she was just trying to show dominance to these two tigers that had just a few months earlier been alot bigger than her.

However, I do find it odd that your male dog tries to mount the female dog considering female dogs tend to be the dominant ones. Poor boy doesn’t have a clue :wink: