Neutered Dog Climbs Fence for Dog in Heat

This is a serious question… My Chocolate lab/German Shepard, 5 year old dog, was neutered at 6 months. Just before neutering, we found him with(in the Biblical sense? lol) the neighbor’s female dog.
After a couple years, he started what we called “doing the nasty”–biting his “we-we” and having an orgasm. No problem, but it was in front of guests too. We thought this drive strange because of his neutering. THEN he climbed over the chain link fence and into the yard of a male and female pit bull. She was in heat and we believe that’s what drove him to do this because it was the first time he had ever climbed the fence. He was mauled by the two pit bulls and we had to rush him to emergency surgery. We found out later that THEY were in the wrong because in California you can not allow a bitch in heat out in the yard because of just this problem(they were also illegally breeding pit bulls). We asked our Veterinarian how this sexual drive in him still existed. His answer? “He must have a long memory”.(referring to the one time, at 6 months, before he was fixed) We have a difficult time seeing the sense in this… Any ideas??
Just trying to prevent “a next time”,

No answers, just a similar story.

I had a tomcat that was neutered (at around 6 months, I think, maybe a bit later) that we swore they’d missed something when they fixed him.

He had girlfriends that would come and stay at our house with him while they were in heat.

He got into fights over girls with other toms while roaming the neighborhood.

He wasn’t as bad as uncut toms I’ve known - he usually came home every night instead of disappearing for a week or more at a time.

But that aside, he never did act fixed.

Using humans as a comparison, to me sex is spiritual more then physical, it is a connection between male and female that goes between the hearts (souls), and orgasms can happen without sexual stimulation, perhaps without sexual ‘equipment’. I see no reason why a animal can’t do the same.

As for what you can do about it, it is a very strong drive to connect, and going to be very hard to go against it, but perhaps him being closer to you may help. Spend some time holding his head and trying to understand what he is thinking, be there more for him, trying to replace the drive to connect with a female dog with satisfaction of a connection with his owner.

Yeah, either it’s having spiritual sex or maybe they missed a testicle. Can’t hurt to have them check - it does happen, if there’s something undescended in there.

IIRC, neutered animals can still get the urge anyway. Just because they’ve been neutered doesn’t mean they’re dead.

Androgens (male hormones responsible for sex drive, among other things) can be produced outside the testes (for example, in the adrenal glands). Studies of (usually accidentally) castrated men show that in a small proportion of individuals, extra-gonadal hormone production is sufficient to maintain low-normal levels. Perhaps your dog is in that camp?

My intact dog seems almost totally disinterested in sex beyond a little bit of dominance-related humping, rarely. My neutered (for at least 6 years, probably more) dog is a chronic molester of other male dogs, has had a gay affair right before my eyes, and he regularly gets giant erections and masturbates. It’s very creepy for me - like my son doing it in front of me. I don’t have the heart to reprimand him for it though.

Think of human eunuchs. It takes away the true function, but not the desire or ability.

I highly doubt the vet missed anything. They do check these things quite carefully, they won’t do the surgery unless both balls have dropped.

One of the creepier things my otherwise favorite dog in the universe used to do, when I was living with him and my parents, was to sit by my feet watching me, panting and looking stupidly happy as a lab does…and getting a huge boner.

I have yet to live down being the dog’s girlfriend. Fortunately, he is my favorite dog in the universe and has been that through two major imploded relationships so really he might as well be!

My neutered dog got locked up with my female in heat. Damndest thing I’d ever seen. I left the room for 10 minutes and when I came back they were just standing there panting with his hoo-hoo in her ha-ha… in that stance that makes every man cringe wondering how the hell a penis can take that abuse.