Zazou.... um... you're FIXED.

So my roommate’s cat Littlefur is in heat, and she’s been flaunting herself in a most obscene fashion all day. What interests me, though, is that my cat Zazou has been trying all day to mount her.


The poor dear, I don’t know how to tell him. He bites her neck and tussles with her (on MY bed :rolleyes: ) and then he mounts her, and sort of crawls sheepishly away a little while later with this expression on his face like, “…I can’t remember what happens next.”

The really funny thing is, I had him fixed when he was a kitten, just old enough that the vet told me it was safe. I wouldn’t think he would have had a sex drive. :confused:

So, do your spayed or neutered pets still have libidos?

Our nutty nutless mutt will hump away at the cat, and the cat’s been fixed too. Of course, I think it’s more of a dominance thing for him. He used to hump the boy cat also.

When I first got my female cat Abby, she was in heat. My neutered-at-a-young-age Bo tried to mount her. He got that confused :confused: look on his face too. Hope you get the little female spayed soon, the noise and behavior will drive you up the wall soon if you don’t.

My parents used to have 3 dogs, all fixed: a male border collie, a female German sheppard and a female rat terrier.

The sheppard hated the terrier and would try to kill her without any provocation. If the terrier rolled over in her sleep, the sheppard would calmly get up, grab the terrier by the neck with her jaws and start shaking her head. Then the collie would wake up and start humping the sheppard. I could never tell whether he was doing it to distract her (he had a huge heart) or if he was just taking advantage of the situation (he was a guy after all…)

Sheer chaos, I tell ya.

I’ve got a pit bull and a german shepherd. The pit bull was fixed at six months of age, but still humps the shepherd whenever they’re both riled up and excited.

What’s odd is that the pit bull doing the humping is female, and the shepherd is male. And if you think the look on your neutered males’ faces is confused, you should see her in mid-mount. For that matter, you should see him when he’s being humped.

We’re thinking of getting her a strap-on.

Funny you should mention this…

We adopted a stray who we haven’t managed to get fixed yet (well we thought she might be too young. Apparently not, though.)

Our fixed male Z. took to her right away and they play together a lot. Platonically for the most part.

But the other day, not only did I find him mounting her, when I pulled him off he was sporting a little kitty erection.

Well, why not? I’ve heard (not that I know any eunuch personally) that human persons who have been castrated can still get erections. There’s nothing to castration that prevents erections per se. And while the overwhelming majority of testosterone is produces in the testicle, not ALL of it is.

So if cats are like people as far as this goes, they’ve got a working penis and a least some testosterone. Probably enough to produce some sexual behavior if there’s a she-kitty producing hormones near by, just not enough to drive them out of the house looking for, um, pussy.

My female Aussie/Border/Heeler cross will often try to mount my male Golden Retriever. I think it’s more a dominance issue than anything else. She (Katie) also often will pee on things for dominance’s sake (particularly when Milo, the Golden, has already relieved himself on said object), even going so far as to lift her leg on some occasions.

I keep telling her, “Katie! You’re a girl dog!”.

It doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Maybe she’s just a modern 21st-century girl. :slight_smile:

Oh, and tell your roommate to get Littlefur fixed. There are enough kittens running around. It’s a common misconception that you should wait until they’ve been in heat once, but that’s not actually true. Now that she’s in heat, of course, you’ll have to wait until she’s done, but as soon as she is, take her in.

The libidos of the cats we had when I was growing up were completely sublimated into the pursuit of sunshine, food, catnip and CRAZYTIMErunveryveryfastaround the gardenandUPTHETREEUPTHETREEUPTHETREE!!!111 The :confused: “what comes next” look came halfway up the tree.

Matt, your cats are very, very cute. My theory is that Littlefur has tried to explain sex to Zazou, and he has followed her step-by-step instructions right up to the point at which tumescence and thrusting are required. I hope his inability to fulfil her wanton and depraved lusts does not give him a failure complex. He is too cute for that.

If I whistle at a certain pitch and combination of notes, my neutered boy cat immediately gets up from whatever he is doing and tries to impregnate one of my girl cats. It has to be this one certain tune I’ve invented - no other whistles work. He gets on her, bites her neck, and yes, I’ve checked, his little penis comes out. She does NOT like it at all. The weird thing is I have two other girl cats (all three are spayed) but he only does it to this one particular one, and he also thinks this one is his maman - he still tries to nurse at her after 5 years. He’s very weird.

Bah, Matt. That’s nothing. My dog DJ used to hump my other pet Casey.

Except DJ is fixed…

…And DJ is a FEMALE…

…And Casey is a CAT.

Good heavens it’s a good thing that all of these pets are fixed, otherwise there would be a damn lot of COGS running around.

Re spaying: I know, I know, I know, and if she were my cat she would have been spayed eons ago. We had that fight already and he won, and I have other hills to die on.

I’m having fun imagining what a cog would be like. I’m wondering if the dog/cat sex is classified as “bestiality”.

Erg is a little spayed female dog that would often mount the unspayed female cat I used to have.

Too bad. Spaying stops that horrible squawling at night.

Keep the salacious stories of interspecies, intergender knee-knocking coming!

Our 16-month-old male cat Tuxedo was fixed in February; he may or may not have been the father of the kittens his sister Halloween had that same month (every time he had tried to get amorous with her - at least when we were around - she would either swat him or start licking him, but occasionally they both got outside). After she had the kittens he was still going after her.

Our older male Long John also continually tried to mount his sister Muffin years after he was fixed. (We seem to accumulate cats in pairs).

We also once had a female cat who used to try to mount Muffin, who was her mother, and Long John.

BTW we just lost Muffin to mammary tumors which, according to our vet, are quite common in unneutered females when they get older. She had an uncanny resemblance to Zazou; it was weird when I clicked on your link.

When i got my cat spayed, the vet told me that once cats go into heat they never really come out. Anyone have any sites? I think I also remember being told that animals stay in heat for 2-weeks, but I don’t remeber the souce.

We fixed our hunchbacked kitty Caliban and her son Tybalt soon after we took them in – Cali to keep her from further enlarging her family should she get out, and Tybalt to try to keep him from marking stuff (didn’t work). We waited longer with Tybalt’s sister Calypso because we were short on cash, result being she grew up and started going into heat.

The “What happens now?” look on the neutered male’s face is nothing next to the “Get the hell off me you 24-pound fatass” look on his sibling’s. :smiley:

You really need to convince your roomie to get poor Littlefur fixed. Not because of kittens, but because, it’s healthier and much more humane for the poor little dear. It’s not fair for her to suffer in heat, and plus it can cause so many health problems.

Our cats, except for Noel, were all fixed before they had a chance to go into heat. Noel was probably older than we thought, and she was in heat once. I felt bad for her, although it was kinda funny.