Would ex-President Trump run in 2024?

The difference is people won’t forget. The archives will show they sucked up to him, defended the indefensible, cowered and let Trump exert his personality to take over the Republican Party. The video footage, the audio tapes, the tweets, pictures etc will haunt the Republicans if he loses.

Republicans aren’t going to let something as ridiculous as video proof change whatever crap they’re spewing that day.

George W Bush Republicans aren’t a thing anymore in elected office. The Tea Party insurgents were a precursor to Trump and they came as a backlash to Obama and in part to detach the party from Bush. You notice this by the fact Bush has not attended a convention in person since his last one in 2004.

People like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul don’t have loyalty to the old guard. So many old timer GOP congressmen have retired or are retiring during the Trump term as they don’t have the desire to get in the gutter of embracing Trumpism. This leaves a void being filled by people willing to kiss up to Trump including Qanon nutjobs. These people absolutely will be tainted if Trump loses and loses big because they gave up their credibility and chance of running again for the presidency up for a failed four year experiment.

Too bad McConnell and Graham aren’t following their lead.

Trump will start a media company (or buy OAN) and begin our collective national nightmare known as Trump Television. From this platform he will control 36% of US political opinion and receive 70% of the narcissistic supplies offered by the presidency with none of the work, and he’ll be doing what he loves.

Trump will go. His “base” will still be around and candidates will continue looking for the best way to pander to them – it’s the monster creature that has turned on its creators and they need to feed it or it will eat them. So we’ll still have a root problem to deal with

And please, I have been hearing the heralding of the historic extinction of the Republicans for decades. Nope, they will keep coming back. “Oh, now it’s different and irredeemable and the people will know the Truth”, you say? “Hold my beer”, will say the “base” and the opportunists that profit from it.

But while we’re at it, I’d say key to weakening a possible Trump comeback-after-loss (be it himself or one of his spawn) would be if the major media learned their lesson and committed to NOT repeating 2016’s thing with keeping up a constant “OMG LISTEN TO WHAT TERRIBLE THING HE’S SAYING NOW!!!” show to the detriment of covering everyone else.

I really REALLY decry the whole “fake news” tropes that many latch onto. I believe that there is still serious journalism in our world, and it is needed. HOWEVER, there is also so my (so much) crap that gets wrapped up as journalism that taints the good stuff. So, I don’t see the “OMG!” stuff going away any time soon - more’s the pity.

I laughed at the joke. Then I realize that you’re describing reality. Sigh

Not only will we have to deal with our newly unleashed national id, but we’ll also have to deal with Trumposis - a whole slew of young Republican Congresspersons have seen how shameless lying, gaslighting, norm-breaking, and corruption can get you farther than anyone would have thought possible pre-Trump.

With the recent happenings, I hope if Trump does run in 2024, every potential running mate who wouldn’t be toxic in a national election would be smart enough to realize that everyone – yes, even them – will eventually be tossed under the bus and tell him to fuck off.

I suspect that he will not run, but will relish his role as a kingmaker - and, naturally, not lift a finger to help (hell, actively work to undermine) Mike Pence if his all-too-loyal-for-far-too-long VP runs.

And see:

It was interesting to read this thread knowing what I now know. So much of the speculation was wrong.

Trump will try to run. Not as a loser, but as someone who won in a landslide and was deprived of his victory by crooked machines, crooked election officials, and millions of illegal votes.

Mike Pence? Not a chance. Trump would oppose him and he has the personality of a limp dishrag. Nikki Haley? Never. DJT Jr? I don’t think the mantle is hereditary. We’ll see.

Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan seem to me like the most likely contenders for Trump’s second VP, if he does indeed take another whack at it.

81 million plus. The greatest bring out the vote operation in U.S. history. I for one welcome the one-term loser taking another whack at it.

That pretty much sums up the GOP’s dilemma. Don drives Republican turnout like no one else on that side but he also drives Dem turnout like nobody else in history.

If it wasn’t for the danger of him pulling another rabbit out of the hat and the country going through another four years like the four we just endured, I’d almost welcome his nomination.

Meanwhile, down in the Palmetto State: In backing South Carolina GOP chair, Trump remains active [Video]

Mitt predicts: Romney says Trump would win GOP nomination 'in a landslide' in 2024 [Video]

Mitt is right. DJT would get renominated in a walk, and if he announced his candidacy every other candidate would drop out.

I don’t think I’d put a whole lot of stock in “modern day electoral politics” when it comes to today’s GOP, their base, and Trump. Up until 2016, we’d have said Trump was unelectable with his verbal diarrhea, hostility, racism, etc…

I predict he’ll either try it again if he’s up to it, or if he’s too old and gimpy come 2023, he’ll officially anoint a successor with great fanfare.