Would I like Fallout 3?

I’ve been reading up on the game and it seems kind of interesting, but I’m not used to RPGs. I’ve never been a fan of them, but I’ve also haven’t played very many. On console games I’m used to FPS and I loved Assassin’s Creed II.

On computer games I usually play RTS and the like (Civ, Supreme Commander, etc). But as I said, Fallout 3 looks different and interesting so I’m thinking of picking it up for Playstation 3. I have a computer, but I don’t like buying games for it because it is 5 years old and even though I updated last year it still has problems playing Supreme Commander.

Yeah. Pick it up.

I dug it, and I tend to like the same kind of first-person shooters you do. It’s not so much role-playing as it is scavenging. I would venture to say that you’ll end up really liking it.

If you end up playing and liking Fallout 3, don’t forget that you can easily play Fallout 1 & 2 even on a five-year old computer. I personally like those a lot better than F3 (which is still good).

No. Yes. Maybe. Yeah, probably. Its pretty fun, and it looks good on a 360, so it should look as decent on the PS3. You can blast right through the game and then go do all the side stuff.

Ahh, you’re missing out on a lot of mods for the game by not going with the PC, but if that’s not an option the Ps3 version is still great. and game itself is huge and a lot of fun. You can literally get lost for dozens of hours just going around exploring/doing side quests without ever touching the main storyline. I love that about Bethesda RPG’s.

Short answer: Yes.

I ‘lost’ FO3 when I installed windows 7. I’d played it 2.9 times. I’ve played the character for the third time, and on the third go the only thing I haven’t completed fully yet is the Point Lookout DLC. I’m thinking of installing the whole lot again just to finish off Point Lookout.

Right after I’ve finished Assassin’s creed 2 and assuming I don’t get addicted too much to bad company (the game, not the type of person)

Have you played Morrowind or Oblivion?

It’s the same game in a Sci Fi setting. It’s got a loose story with little to no actual roleplaying in the new sense of the word. But it’s still really cool to wander around in a dusty wasteland that used to be DC.

I remember my girlfriend came in to watch me play and she felt the need to comment:

“Nick, your dude has goggles on his face and a second pair of goggles on his hat.”
“Yeah, it’s so fucking dusty out there, that even my hat needs goggles.”

Any game that can spark that conversation is a winner in my book.

It’s pretty fun, and it has a rather unique aesthetic and sense of humor.

If you’re used to FPS games, the biggest thing you’d have to get used to is that your accuracy with a weapon is tied to how skilled your character is with it. When you fire a hunting rifle, you won’t hit right between your crosshairs all of the time. With a low “small arms” skill, your shots will usually be a few degrees off. It gets more accurate as you increase your skill, it’s very minor (or eliminated entirely) once you max out your skill. FPS players tend to hate this feature.

My PC is around five years old too, and it can run the game halfways-okay. I suggest you go with the PC version for moddability.

I’ll chime in (again) and say that it’s a worthwhile game, if you like this kind of thing. As others have said, I’d suggest going the PC route, since there are tons of mods available (assuming you end up liking the game) in addition to the 4 DLC’s (which you can download from a bunch of places on the PC…not sure if that’s true on the 360).

The game has a lot of depth and story, and there is a heavy RPG element, so if you don’t like that you might want to give it a pass and go for something else (bunch of really good FPS games out these days). To me though, as satisfying as some of those other RPG games are, you just feel more connected to your character in Fallout than in most of those others. Plus, there just isn’t anything like moving through the burned out ruins of DC, listening to a snappy tune and blowing the head off some raider chick (in slow motion). The snappy music. The background death shriek. The slow motion separation of head from body. The spray of blood. Perhaps a glimpse of Clint pulling out his .44 cal…

It just doesn’t get better than that. :stuck_out_tongue: