Would it be dangerous to be in a room with a bunch of cocaine flying around?

So I’m watching Robocop for the first time since I was a teenager and there’s a scene in a very inefficient cocaine factory. I mean, it was inefficient before Robocop came and blew it all to hell.

So, would having a bunch of coke in the air be hazardous to your health? Would the normal act of breathing dust suspended in the air be like snorting it? Could you OD on it?

That would very specifically depend on how much you inhaled (as well as how much got in your mouth/nose/open cuts and on your eyes). If you ‘absorbed’ a less then lethal amount, it (obviously) wouldn’t be a problem. If the amount you ingested were too much for your body to handle, it would be.

As I understand it, drug dealers usually cut cocaine with icing sugar. The dust in the air is likely to be mostly sugar, and causes a high risk of an explosion, regardless of other health risks.

That’s what I opened the thread to say. Dust explosions can be very bad news. Here’s a Wiki article about a sugar dust explosion that wrecked a factory.

Well, I think the presence of Robocop is the bigger explosive danger in this specific case.