Would it be offensive...

For someone who is not (nor has ever been) a Christian to wear a cross necklace?

Long story short: I want this, because I think it’s an somewhat elegant piece of jewelry (very ‘mature’ looking compared to the little else I own), and yes I’m that much of a geek that I’d buy it. However, I am an avowed atheist. I wouldn’t object to people assuming I’m christian (that seems to be a general assumption unless there’s evidence otherwise, and I’m just fine with that), and know that obviously would happen.

Would it be offensive? If you knew someone wasn’t christian and saw them wearing it? What if you met them while wearing it, and later found out that they weren’t christian?

If anyone asks, tell them it’s a ‘t’.

Personally, I wouldn’t care if an atheist wore a cross, but I am not fanatical or anything.

I’m a former Catholic who is currently agnostic (and still respects the Church), and I can’t see how it would be offensive. I think there are a lot of religious symbols that are used/admired by people who aren’t of the symbol’s particular faith, and no harm is meant. The most conservative and strict might give a little “harrumph” if they saw you wearing it and found out you weren’t Christian, but honestly it’s none of their business why you’re wearing it.

Just please, please don’t ever call it a crucifix. :slight_smile:

You could always wear it upside down.

But if you go through life worrying about who you might offend…

You might as well move into your basement. And never go out.

I wouldn’t care. I’ve seen, for example, lots of non-native people wearing traditionally styled bead or bone chokers. Obviously they think it’s pretty, and that shows a kind of reverence for the craft and possibly the beliefs behind it. You like that necklace for its beauty, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

I doubt most people would care one way or the other. I checked out your link and I was more offended by the $89.00 replica prop a stake. Cheeerist! How much would it be for me to purchase a piece of ash or oak to carve into a stake myself?


I’m an ardent atheist and own a cross that I wore every day for almost ten years before the clasp gave out.

I can only remember one person ever saying anything about it and she just couldn’t get over the irony of it. I don’t even remember my co-workers at the Christian printing press I temped at (which was staffed primarily by people either working for the church or going to the local religious university) remarking on it and everyone there was aware of my atheism as I asked my supervisor, a minister, if that would be a problem during the interview.

I was born and raised Greek Orthodox, but I’m an agnostic, and have been so for several years. I still occasionally wear the cross that my great-grandmother brought me from Greece. My Catholic best friend thinks it’s kind of funny, and no one else seems to care, including my family - most people who don’t know me extremely well just tend to assume I’m a Christian of some variety anyways, regardless of if the cross is even on or visible.

If you want it, go for it :slight_smile:


Not offensive in the least. It’s an aesthetically pleasing shape for a variety of reasons. If you like it, wear it.

I wouldn’t find it offensive – just confusing. Those who are Christians around here are the ones most likely to wear the cross, and that’s actually handy to know in some situations.

The big thing, of course, is that YOU can’t get offended if someone assumes you are Christian and reacts accordingly, say by starting a conversation that assumes you attend church.

If they do, I would recommend against breaking in to say “Oh, I don’t believe any of that crap, this is just a thingy from a TV show.” THAT would be offensive: they made themselves vunerable by revealing their beliefs only because they had a solid reason to believe you shared them. Perhaps either non-commital grunts, or “I am not a believer, but I think crosses are beautiful” would be more appropriate.

I love that. But I’m a hardcore BTVS fan. I wouldn’t buy the Angelius doll, but the cross definitely intrigues me. Now, if it was solid silver I’d be on the waiting list (it was backordered when I looked). And as a side note, in another thread “butterface girls” a poster mentioned that David Boreanaz was a butterface. NOT! Well, maybe now he is – actually a butterball – but in the first couple of seasons he was a definite hottie

I wear a beautiful gold cross all the time and am agnostic bordering on atheist, but I love the look of the piece and chain. Buy what you think is attractive and very few will comment other than with admiration of the piece.