Would it be possible to unmerge my thread on Jeff Gordon's new prank?

It is by no means a big deal to me, but the thread was merged due to being a duplicate.

However, while I linked to the original prank, my point in making the thread was to draw attention to the new prank that actually pranked the guy who wrote about the fakeness in the first place. I was aware of the old thread when I made the new one, so I mentioned the video straight away.

Anyway, I thought about writing twick a PM, but I saw another merge inquiry here and figured it must go here.

Here is the merged thread. My new OP now begins in post #8 after the merge.


Why couldn’t you have just brought that up in the existing thread, then? I don’t understand why it would need it’s own thread just to make a [del]tangential[/del] completely-relevant-to-the-existing-thread remark.

There’s no standard protocol for a request to un-merge two threads, but using the post-report button is probably the fastest way to get a mod’s attention, with a PM being a close second. I may or may not visit ATMB during any given 24-hour period.

I could un-merge, but I’m really not seeing why you want a separate thread – the pranks, though not identical, are related, correct? Doesn’t it make more sense to have the whole discussion taking place in a single thread?

No, because the original prank is so similar to the new one that you just think it’s a repeat or zombie thread, which people are more likely to ignore.

Plus, if you can undo a mistake, why wouldn’t you? The only reason the thread was merged was because you said it was a “duplicate thread.” It wasn’t. If not for your mistake, the threads would be still be separate.

I don’t think I’ve ever made a mistake and not offered to undo it if possible. It’s not up to the person who made the mistake to decide whether the mistake was fortuitous. Imagine if it were: “I’m sorry I knocked over your CD collection, but I think they look better on the floor, so I’m not going to pick them up.” No, I darned well am going to pick them up and put them back in order unless the other person insists that I shouldn’t. If not for my mistake, the CD collection would be in order.

Honestly, it’s no biggie. I had just figured with the other one being a year old and this being an update, I’d make a new one for those who remembered it.

It was a minor thread at most, anyway.