Would Pubic Hair.......

… be a more economical method of hair replacement for balding guys?:slight_smile:



Then you’d be confused as to which head to put your hand on. :smiley:

“Yo, Curley”.


I love the relevant advertisements I’m seeing.

Don’t be a dick head.

The horror.

Wouldnt you have a hard time seeing with balls covering your eyes?

That’s okay, it seems like a lot of people are running around like that. I mean, “teabagging” IS all the rage right now.


What happens if the hair on your head is straight?

Dude, I’m just this far away from being able to do a combover with my ear hairs. What do you expect of me?!?

You’d have to keep it short, like Justin Timberlake does, you know how curly his hair is but when he cuts it real short it’s OK

This is a wonderful idea. And my back-hair isn’t all that curly. I’m a pretty shaggy dude except for my under-furnished crown. I tell my kids that I’m not really going bald, my hair is just sliding down my back.

Uhh, maybe for certain ethnic groups. For others it would just look weird.

Only for black people. I said it, you were all thinking it, don’t judge me. Just saying, ya know?

Just right, tdn. You hit me just right and a small leaf of lettuce landed right on Moe’s (3 Stooges) nose on the small tv I keep near my desk. So I spewed-laughed (you know - when you try to hold it in, but it comes out in a spray?), and then I farted.

Wife came runnin’ in and turned and ran right back out, and I hollered, “I’m okay. honey!” And she goes, “Yeah, uh-huh. How long’s that one been in there?” (Southern accent).

I loves me a good belly-laugh. Thanks tdn!:slight_smile:


Tied with tdn for cleverness, runner pat!



I’ll have to tell my brother to just transplant his back or chest hair to his head if he ever goes bald. I swear, my mom must have made it with Sasquatch to make my brother.

You’re welcome!

Hey, when you’re all hair but only from the ears down, you have to have a good sense of humor.

One happy customer of: poil pubien à de vrais cheveux R us (Pubic Hair to Real Hair R Us)

French needs to be shortened to make it sound more catchy…

(butch wax used to remove the curl)