Would the religious right be more successful if it dropped the abortion issue?

Ben Bova’s Grand Tour series of SF novels are set in a future where practically every country on Earth has fallen under the rule of a religious-authoritarian “New Morality” movement – Christian in Christian countries, Muslim in Muslim countries, but everywhere puritanical (the Christian and Muslim fundies having finally decided to join forces against their common enemies – secularists and libertarians and others). At one point, I think in Titan, one of the characters remarks that the New Morality only started to gain ground politically after it stopped opposing abortion; there was much social unrest at the time, and peoples of all nations longed for the stability a heavy hand could provide – so long as it did not affect their reproductive freedom.

I can’t see this happening – the abortion issue is the main reason so many have an interest in religious-right politics in the first place – but if it did, would it work?

Politically, I think they’ve been pretty successful, don’t you? Up until last week they controlled the White House, the House, the Senate and majority of Governorships. But if they did drop it, it’s possible.

No – they’ve been successful at swinging elections to pols who purport to sympathize with them, but almost nothing important on their agenda has been enacted into law.

While I agree with that, they still controlled pretty much everything up until last week. I literally loathe the neocons running this country, but I give props where they are due unfortunately.

The religious right and the neocons are two very different groups.

You think? Damn, man, I don’t think so. Not nowadays. I consider Bush a neocon and part of the religious right.

He’s in the Boolean intersection between the two; but the neocons also include (arguably, were predominantly founded by) secular Jews.

They’d be much better served to drop the religious aspect completely, not just the abortion issue.

But then, how would they be the “religious right” at all, any more?

I’m sure dropping the abortion issue would solve the problem in the right of hidden dissent.
The Catholic church has long known that most of it’s members use birth control, but they are hardly free to speak about it. I see there is now an official inquiry into condoms. Somehow I doubt anything will change, but it’s nice to know that Rome recognizes the implied disconnect.

We will rue the day the religious right mellows out and teams up with the left leaning crystal new age woo woos. The streets of California will run red with blood…on the political voting maps…