Would this be wrong?

I’m thinking about buying a membership for my father for X-Mas. If I register as a guest, then pay, then hand off the account to him, with instructions to change the password, would that be considered to be a sock, strawman, or anything else nefarious?

Not that I count, but to me, it would be considered a very cool gift giver.

That would be fine. Please alert the moderators by email, specifying the username, just in case there’s any kinda hiccough in the system. (And, of course, there’s only one name change, so be sure to find out what screen name he’d like before your register it! < grin > )

Hmm, something I have not thought of…

Thank you. If I sign him up, I’ll let ya’ll know.

I’d just like to say that mcott absolutely rocks.

hides from mods

That won’t do you any good, Kytheria. You can run, but you can hide… :smiley:


Can’t…you can’t hide.

I’ve been cursed.