would this homemade raipid fire system actually work on a playstation controller ?

ok on revisiting ratchet and clank one for the ps2 i came across this set in a GameFAQs FAQ for the ps2 :

I’m sure people here could do this in a less ponderous way …

It’d rattle and buzz like crazy, and it’s probably wear out both itself and your controller very quickly, but sure, it’d work.

I can’t see much reason to do it mechanically, to be honest. Back when I was a kid there were controllers/joysticks with a switch you could toggle to repeat the button signal so you’d get autofire in games that originally didn’t have it, so probably something like that exists for the PS2 too. They sold like 150 million of them so there has to be third-party peripherals somewhere.

well seems the problem is you have to hold 2 buttons down at once the turbo would just throw the wrench it’s holding the trigger to put it in the aim mode is something the autofire couldn’t do also

I think it was actually done just to say you can lol but yeah seems like a lotta work …but there’s an even easier cheat this would work better on in the game that you wouldn’t need the wrench to do …

It’s not easy to get any old motor from a toy to run at 120-200RPM. If you wanted to try this out find a small variable speed drill driver or cordless screwdriver. You just strap down the trigger with a twist tie or something simple like that once you find your speed. Positioning a cam to reliably press that button when you want it to may take you some time, and wear out that controller button pretty fast.

That’s not exactly rocket science, all you need is a basic macro function. Here’s a programmable PS2 controller, judging by the description it could probably do it: https://www.amazon.com/Stormchaser-Gamepad-Playstation-2/dp/B00004U8R2