Would this offend you?

In a situation where I did not know why someone is not paying child support I would not presume them to be a deadbeat.

“Well, you just described a Deadbeat Dad - can you tell me why my description of him is inaccurate, since you’re the one who started talking about his personal business?”

I probably wouldn’t have called him a Deadbeat Dad either, but I might have asked a few polite questions about why he isn’t paying for the children he fathered.

I know the situation of both parents. He doesn’t have a reason not to be paying. I just don’t feel I have the right to post his situation here where someone could identify someone one in the party.

Well, if my family thought that choosing not to pay child support was OK, then I might agree and think that he’s not a deadbeat.

Which makes me as bad as the sibling, and therefore my opinion is of no value.

I can say that my brother is a deadbeat. But *you *can’t.

To elaborate, it’s actually none of your business even if the other person brought it up, and people don’t have the right to give an unsolicited opinion of someone else’s relative.

I don’t agree with that; it’s easy enough to not have people calling your relatives unflattering names - don’t tell other people about the asshole things they’re doing. If you want to open that door, you can’t expect people not to walk through it.

Fine, they’ll still be unforgivably pissed off at you for doing it. What do you think, you’re going to convince them in one conversation to completely change their attitude, and change their sibling’s behavior as well?

If it were my brother, I’d be calling him a hell of a lot worse than that myself. The first person to tell lies about or mischaracterize somebody I love gets gutted with a rusty grapefruit spoon, but that doesn’t make me blind to my loved ones’ faults.

Too bad. Real life isn’t the Dope. The word is an insult. It’s supposed to be offensive. By using it, you demonstrate that that was your intention. And insulting someone’s family member is rude, for the reasons given by monstro.

It is time like these that I feel like you guys must be living on a different planet, where people talk like they do in the Pit in everyday life.