would this thread go in IMHO or GQ?

I want to start a thread, asking about issues I might have to deal with when I move to a new state for 4 months, this summer vacation. I’m moving to Rochester, NY, from PA, specifically, moving in with a friend, and then going back to living in PA when the fall semester starts again, and I want to know things like what I might have to do with state taxes, since I’m getting a job up there, and driver’s license/vehicle stuff I might have to deal with, address changes for school and mail forwarding, and any other problems that might come up from a 4-month residency in another state. But I’m not quite sure if it belongs in IMHO or GQ. I feel like it should be GQ, because it is pretty much factual stuff, but then again I’m basically looking for people who’ve been in the situation to tell me what they had to do, so maybe it should be IMHO.

So I need a ruling: My “living in another state for the summer - possible issues involved?” thread – IMHO or GQ?

So, factual answers are what you need - pop it into GQ.

I would have gone (go) for IMHO personally…


Since you’re looking for a whole array of info, much of it factual but possibly not, I’d suggest IMHO. The topic is just diffuse enough that betcha dollars to doughnuts it’d wander into opinion territory pretty quickly anyway. Not invaluable stuff, just not exactly firm answer to firm question.

And FWIW, it’d probably stay on the first page longer in IMHO. GQ turns over very quickly.


Generally, the “tell me about life in (city)” threads have been posted to IMHO.

If there’s anything specific you wanted to ask about you could consider a specific GQ later, even if “What do you guys think I need to know about x” is IMHO.