Would this work as an E-Book Reader?

I have been in the market for a great big PDA/book reader for quite some time. Here is something called an eflybook. It is meant to be used by pilots for their charts and stuff. It costs over a thousand dollars. Let’s ignore that part.

(It is the first application I have seen of that e-paper idea, BTW.)

Can I somehow use it as a (very expensive) PDA/e-book reader? All this technical stuff is a bit beyond me.

May I presume this sort of technology packaged in a better form is on the way and I ought to wait to jump on this particular bandwagon?

I can’t answer your question, but you might take a look at the 2-vu. It’s roots were in Ebook readers.


It looks as though you can use it as a portable viewer for pretty much any kind of document - if it is capable of displaying PDFs either natively, or after conversion, then almost anything that can be viewed on a PC could be installed on it. It doesn’t look like it has much, if anything, in the way of PDA functions though, and this wouldn’t be all that surprising given the display technology. Electronic paper typically has a very slow screen refresh rate and does not lend itself readily to any kind of application where the content needs to change interactively.

Neat Gadget. Maybe the shape of things to come.

If you can wait a few months, the Sony Reader might be more to your liking (much cheaper, at least).

The Sony e-readers are already in stores. The print is, imho, gorgeous. Unfortunately, they don’t have any sort of light built into it.

Wow, that’s some bad grammar on my part.