Would TV censor the word "shat" in movies and such?

Basically, would you consider shat a swear word and think they would too?

This more or less could be better suited for IMHO, but the main question is do they bleep it out on TV, not really do you consider it a swear word? Still, I’d like thoughts as well.

I don’t know any movies that has that word in it…so I wouldn’t know if they bleep it out or not.

Don’t know about radio, but I hear it all the time on radio: Those Priceline commercials that start out “It’s time for ‘Chat with Shat.’”

According to the South Park people, they asked Comedy Central for permission to use the word shit. The CC managers reluctantly agreed to let them say it. They used it well over 100 times to the dismay of the CC officers - did not seem to have anything to do with what the FCC would do.

The FCC doesn’t have profanity rules for cable, only for broadcast.

Incidentally, the song “La Resistance” from the South Park movie has the word “shat” in it, and they’ve played the movie uncensored on Comedy Central.

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