Would you be on board with special flights along with standard flights (e.g adult only)?

Anyone under 18 would not be allowed on certain flights. I know banning them from all flights would be considered discrimination so I’m talking about airlines offering two types of flights, one standard and one adult only. This would be offered at a premium price.

But why stop there. I read that KLM has a meet and seat programme where it links to your Facebook app and matches you to someone similar. There are worries that this would be an invasion of privacy and you would meet creeps so why not have certain flights where you only allow certain heavily screened fliers and certain age groups 18-25 ,25-30, 30-35, 35-40 and so on. This would perhaps be a good place to meet and chat. Or if your going on a holiday to France and planning on going to the Eiffel towers the airline could notify you of people who are making the same trip to the same place.
Does it sound like a good idea or maybe an invasion of privacy and can you think of something else?

I don’t care about the physical age of the other people in the steel cigar, but it would be nice if the stewards had the power to put loud morons in restrains. Inflatable gagging helmets, for example. And no, if you’re in Timeout you can’t use the restroom :mad:

No thanks. My main goal in flying is to get from A to B as inexpensively as possible.

No, I would not. Although my business travel is not as heavy as it once was there was a point where I was traveling 20-30 times per year. Children on flights is rare and just a fact of life and it has never been much of an issue for me. Certainly not to the point where separately reserved “adults only” flights are something necessary in my opinion. Other than the occasional infant crying, most children on flights in my experience make me smile - they’re just so genuinely excited and awed by the whole thing that it puts a smile on this old cynical travelers face. And those crying infants, well I guess I just have sympathy for the poor kid and parents who are definitely having a worse time than I am.

No for me either. I travel with my kids most of the time for pleasure and I don’t usually mind other people’s kids the rest of the time. I usually even choose to sit next to them when it is open seating because it gives me more room. It is the twenty-somethings and older people that give me the real problems.

It’s not something I’d be interested in.

I wouldn’t pay extra for an adults-only flight. Most of the noise problems I’ve had have been from adults (e.g. the lady watching football who clapped her hands loudly when something exciting happened, or the people who think it’s ok to play games on their tablet with the sound on.)

I have trouble getting bothered by fussy babies. Older kids usually read or plug into electronics. But if your 6- and 8-yrold don’t know how to stfu…

I’d pay more for a skinny people, non-spreading only flight. Kids and loudmouths, I hadn’t had very many problems with in comparison.

I’d like babies and small kids banned from red-eyes please.

No, I like kids.

Depends on how much extra.

The last few times I’ve flown the airline has offered numerous money-grabs (priority seating type things) which I turn down. I’ve reached a point where I just accept that flying is going to suck donkey balls and I’m cool with that.

Right before security I eat a brownie. Right after security I suck down a coupla bloodys.

Sorry, no in-flight meals.

Pretty much same here. Maybe its luck of the draw but I’ve never had issues with kids. Some adults now and then but the Screaming Baby has never been on one of my flights.


If having specialized flights (presumably with fewer passengers) were a possibility, then having more spacious seating (thus with fewer passengers) would be a possibility too. I’m not going to patronize an airline that insists they need smaller seats but then sells half-empty flights where they clearly don’t. I’d listen to babies cry any day if I could fit my fat butt in to a seat with ease.

Nah. And for all of people’s complaints about babies/fat people/lack of leg room/etc, the market has show time and time again that airplane ticket buyers are really cheap. If there was a significantly cheaper “subway” style airplane where people all stood up and held onto bars, I suspect it would be popular.

I’m in!

Total disconnect between user name and post. :smiley:

I donno. We are FINALY getting more ‘Economy Plus’ type seats. More leg room. Lots of us are more than happy to pay for that. First class is pretty much still out of reach for many, but $50 or so gets you reasonable legroom.

I might pony up an extra 10-20 bucks for a “no enormous, overstuffed ‘carryon’ suitcases’” flight. That’s the only special interest flight that could snooker me.