Would You Be The Leader of Humanity

Supposing a world government is formed and it’s head of state and government is selected to be you would you accept?

I certainly would as I believe that with humanity’s natural provincialism and division, a united world government is needed and I think only a few men can be visionary and wise enough to lead it.

Curtis, my man…with all due respect, don’t you think maybe you oughta finish junior high before you take over the world? Ya gotta wait your turn, dude. Me and Skald been in line a lot longer than you.

Beware hubris, and I suggest also beware fulfilling biblical prophesy, and by extension, beware my man kanicbird. And your OP suggests by exclusion that women aren’t in this game, unless you mean: “…few men and pretty much any woman can be visionary and wise enough…”

And no, I would pass, I know my limits.

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Don’t you think you should maybe grow up first? Finish school? Join the workforce?
For the purpose of this poll, would you mind defining “man”?

No, there are others who are far more competent and who wouldn’t mind the position. Though, I would be suspicious of anyone who did want to be the leader of the world.

If I was elected and had a mandate to govern, maybe…otherwise, no.

Too risky. I’d rather have a puppet, and me be the generally unknown puppet master.

Yes but to be selected the leader of Earth you’d probably have to be an adult unless you’re talking about a puppet monarchy.

Synonymous to “human”.

If they sought me out, presumably they had a reason. I trust them enough to accept.

Maybe. What’s it pay?

Hell no. One of my favorite subjects is the history of royalty. Do you know how many monarchs have lost their heads?

I don’t want to be one of them. :wink:

And does it offer health insurance? How about a matching 401k?

Good lord no. I hate being the co-leader of a local support group; I can’t even begin to imagine how big a pain-in-the-ass being the leader of the whole world would be. I’m sure you’re a lovely young man, Curtis, but from what you’ve posted of your ideals here on these boards, I’d be terrified of someone like you running the whole earth.

I could do it, but I’m busy at the moment.

I think I have neither the charisma to inspire, the cruelty to lead by force or the patience to suffer the inevitable idiots and delays that would accompany a democracy. I’m out - but second the suggestion that being a puppet master would be much more my thing.

If I ruled the world, I’d start off by banning Soaps and Talent shows on T.V. and gag anyone who exaggerated their accent to sound tough or said OMG and “Like” every thirty seconds.

Also I’d totally nail Jennifer Anniston.

After that maybe I’d get around to Social Justice, ending all war, finding a cure for Cancer and all of that stuff…

I quite like soaps (on sick days) and I loathe Jennifer Anniston so you don’t get my vote.

Oh sorry Curtis, how rude! Are we voting or is this a coup?

I put yes. Why not?

With an iron fist.