Would you be uncomfortable sharing meat space with troglodyte homophobes?

I’ve always thought homophones should be aloud to merry.

Write awn!

Surely you’re not suggesting that he shower here. With all these homos around?

You think they’ll be offended?

Great. Thats awesome, thanks Roddy.

So I get call people faggots here.

Here’s some more evidence of faggots running loose when they’re afforded too much power. Exactly the reason I dont wanna shower with these faggots:

(Video at link): http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23152463

No, actually, you may not. I very strongly suggest you read the rules before posting any further in the Pit. Pay particular attention to this part:

Because of your evident disability, I’m giving you one freebie here and not making this an official warning. You will not get a second one. Read the rules for the forum in which you are posting, and follow them. If you do not do this, your time on this board will be sharply limited.

Wow. That must have felt good huh? Too bad you were cock-blocked by the mods just as you were getting your anal groove on. Bummer dude. But I feel your pain. I’m sure that word rolls off your tongue just as easily as something like low grade moron does mine. Fortunately for me though, none of my favorite epithets are prohibited in the pit. I look forward to your response so I dig further into my little bag of bon mots. It’s been so long and they are so dusty. Cheers!

(bolding mine) Say what? Does knuckle-dragging moronitude count as a disability now?

Note: I am not discussing the moderator action noted above. Just suggesting a possible clarification of the language used.

  1. Name calling, within certain limits, is allowed in the pit.
  2. I have no reason to be tolerant of people who think I should be able to be fired, kicked out of housing, jailed, killed or any of a long list of things simply for being gay.
  3. Those videos you posted were nothing. Talk to me when they have broken bones like an ex of mine had for no other reason than he was walking out of a gay bar.
  4. You’re an idiot.

I figure it counts as some sort of learning disability, at the very least.

Her’s not going to get it; he’ll already have decided we’re all against him because we can’t handle the truth, or something, and he’ll take his banning as concrete evidence of his assumed premise.

Heterosexual people get beat up all time also. For no other reason then someone just didnt like them.

In fact when I was in high school the vast majority of kids being bullied were straight. They werent bullied because they were gay, they were being bullied because they made easy targets and people enjoyed picking on them

Just FTR, nowhere have I stated that I’m okay with any of this either. And here in Toronto I have yet to hear of gays being fired, kicked out of housing, jailed or killed for being gay. At least I would argue its not happening en masse.

I cant even think of isolated incidents quite frankly


You do now half my team feels the same as I do, dont you. None of us want to shower with gays.

Of course we wont say so publicly because we might lose their jobs. So we just say it privately behind your backs

And you’re not gonna change our minds. But keep living in your idealistic, utopian, rainbow world if it makes you feel better.


Also, I noticed nobody has commented on this article yet.

Wasnt there a poster in another thread who said male sexual harrassment isnt a problem in the world?!



You’re actually on a sports team? What sport?

I believe you are mistaken in the phrasing or intention of whatever it is you are almost remembering from the other thread. Male-on-male sexual harassment is statistically insignificant compare to make-on-female sexual harassment or simple male-on-male brutality (without a sexual element).

And, as has been said, predators are criminals regardless of their orientation and should be treated as such. Ordinary persona are ordinary persons as well, regardless of orientation, and should be treated with respect.

It doesnt matter if the numbers are less then women, the fact is it does occur, and it occurs a lot more often then you are willing to concede.

Did you even read the article?! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23152463

Thousands of men, is thousands of men too many!
And those are just the ones being reported. What about unreported ones??!

If these were thousands of children being sexually harrassed, would you also say thats statistically insignificant?!


I sure some are saying it, but don’t really believe it - just egged on by group macho posturing.

As an incidental note, I’m not even gay - I just know an attention-seeking idiot when I see one. Feel free to say whatever you want, privately. This board isn’t being enriched by your commentary.

I look forward to the inevitable pit thread when any of these other homophobic dip shits (meaning the idiot we’ve all already excoriated) actually does lose his “sports playing” job. :wink: Because, he’s just the comedy gold gift that keeps on giving. It won’t get much better than that, unless he joins ranks with the racist ass wipes crowing over the Trayvon Martin case. Birds of a feather and all that.

I was wondering the same thing. What sports team would choose a whiny, trembling socially stunted kid who is petrified of men? Marshmallow toss? Competitive knitting? Tag-team biscuit making?