Would you buy this widget?

Being a cubicle monkey, I had a small (and surely not original) epiphany this morning.

Someone needs to come up with a hands-free headset for a phone, that is also headphones for your mp3s, that will allow you to pause your tunes in order to take or make a call.

So would anyone else buy it?

Or maybe you have another wanted invention in mind?

Some sort of bottle opening dohickey that can be operated by 1 hand.

So while I’m working in the tissue culture hood I can grab a bottle by the cap with the dohickey, squeeze the gizmo and it’d loosen the cap for me. Half the time I have 1 hand holding something unwrapped and sterile and I need to unscrew the cap of a bottle of media. it’s a pain in the ass doing it one handed.

CRorex - that doohickey already exists, more or less. You can buy bottle/jar openers that mount to the underside of a cabinet - place lid into the grippy v-slot, and twist container.

honeydewgrrl, that exists for mobile phones at least, for example the nokia multimedia player. Ericsson also make deskphones with in built radios that turn on and off as the phone rings and is hung up.

That’s close, but I’d get more out of phone emulation software running on my box. No more phone on the desk. And my mp3 directory is much preferable to any radio station my employer might pipe at me. But it is nice to know that the building blocks are out there.