Would you complain about a mediocre waitress?

Just curious. I wrote a generally positive review on Yelp, the food was pretty great but the waitress was… well, she wasn’t exactly rude, but she was obviously not very interested in being a waitress: no smile, not friendly, she’d ask if we needed anything and walk away DURING our response, etc.

The restaurant owner just sent me an email asking who the waitress was. I really don’t want to get anyone fired, so I’m not sure if I should reply or not.

What would you do?

Well, I think you have to tell her now.

I wouldn’t give any details. For all you know she had a shitty day at home and she needed the shift for money.

The owner doesn’t need to know. Tell him you’d rather not say and perhaps he could remind all waitstaff that a friendly and cooperative demeanor is required in his restaurant.

I’m glad I don’t have strangers writing comments about my work ethic on a daily basis.

Don’t say who it was. Do you really want to be responsible for someone possibly losing their job?

I wouldn’t, because she may just been having a bad day, or maybe she just worked a double shift and was extra tired. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

That review should be reflected in your tip.

Try having convicted felons complain about your work on a daily basis. :smack:

I never complain. If anything was bad enough to cause me to want to complain, I just never go back.

I agree with this. If she had been actively rude or abusive, that would be different (although it would have to be pretty bad for me to want her fired), but there’s no way i’d turn her in for what you describe.

When i write Yelp reviews, i never identify poor staff by name or description. I just note that service was not good, and give the reasons why. I will, however, often identify very good or helpful staff members.

Why? What obligation does the OP have to the restaurant owner?

Yes, you guys are right, I didn’t feel like it was bad enough to call her out personally and it wouldn’t prevent me from going there again. But then when I got the message from restaurant management, I wasn’t sure…
-shrug- Ok, I’ll just let it drop.

If she actually walked away from you while you were talking to her I think “mediocre” is being kind.

If the service is horrible, speak up while you’re still actually there.

I wouldn’t even bother to reply.

But if you feel you must, don’t identify the waitress. Maybe say something like, “It doesn’t matter which particular server it was. You should ensure that *all *of your staff members are providing good customer service.”

Mediocre isn’t even a blip on my radar screen.

My tip starts at 20%, and the waitperson has to earn less.

Some of them do.


Mediocre (“of ordinary or undistinguished quality”) is not bad.

Walking away from a customer actually answering her question? Appalling.
amaguri, are you a paid reviewer for Yelp?

Nope-- this restaurant came highly recommended and I thought the quality of the food actually stood up to the accolades… could just be work boredom, but I felt compelled to write about it. :slight_smile:

Just remind them that their “mistakes” landed them in prison. Your “mistakes” land them in the prison cemetery.

Bold mine.

How can you interpret her walking away while you were responding to her as anything other than being actively rude? I could forgive the lack of smiles and not being very friendly but walking away while you’re responding to her is rude as hell. I wouldn’t have tipped her. Maybe she was having a bad day but that’s no reason to treat customers like crap.

I agree. Remember, mediocre means average, and I wouldn’t complain about a mediocre waitress. This waitress was downright rude, and deserves to be called out.