Would you fight if invaded?

There are a few threads out there now discussing whether or not the US can be invaded.

The scenario, then my question:

A Junta has taken over Mexico, and it’s exceedingly unfriendly to the US. Violently so. So much so, that it secretly builds up it’s army, and with the logistical and military assistance of other unfriendly nations, launches a massive surprise attack, crippling the US while the bulk of it’s military is elsewhere. Large Swathes, including Most of California, the Southwest, and a big chunk of the Eastern Seaboard are seized.

It’s not going to last long, of course. The US Military would disengage from whereever it’s at and steam back to the US to kick some tail, but until then, all we’ve got is ourselves.
Given this scenario, would you fight? If so, how?

Would the politics (either far left or far right) affect your decision?

Self defense is self defense, whether or not war is waged on me.

If Jow Blow neighbor came into my house or Bin Laden came into my house, without my permission and if I felt my life was in danger, their gettin’ a mouth full of 9.

Yes, but would you take up arms to resist the invaders? Even if they were pretty much going to leave you alone, other than making you pay taxes to them, etc.

Someone in the other thread cited the idea of people randomly shooting at soldiers in the streets.

Others have postulated full blown guerilla wars. Where would you be?

It all depends on how the Security Council votes. Nyuk nyuk nyuk…

But I would definitely resist. Ideally, as part of the Gov’t organized war effort. Barring that, I have a better arsenal sitting in my safe then most soldiers around the world do. Multiply that by what my friends have (all with at least one ‘Sport-Utility Rifle’), and we have a legitimate resistance cell.

What we would actually accomplish? Probably quite a bit, against a poorly trained army such as Mexico’s. Or, we would get popped like paper targets minutes into our Red Dawn-like venture. War is like that.


Well, if they’re coming up through Texas, I hope they’re life insurance is paid up. They’d never make it past San Antonio. If they did they would have to worry about a few pissed off troops from Ft. Hood and a state full of deer hunters (snipers).

I’d go after them. With my teeth if necessary.

I may be harshly critical of my own government; there might even be circumstances under which I’d cease to consider them legitimate and would find it necessary to foment revolution.

But no external invaders have a shot at legitimacy in my eyes, and no ruler’s jackboot sits on my throat with my compliance.

I’d go the Gandhi route. “We are now your rulers, do what we say” says Mexico. “I don’t care what you think” says I. “Then we’ll shoot in the head” says Mexico. And all my problems are solved.

Tristan wrote:

Feh. Another day. So what? :smiley:

“Every revolution evaporates, and leaves behind the slime of a new bureaucracy.” — Franz Kafka

totally depends on how they were “taking over” …

and weather it would do any good… if my life, or that of my family was in danger, then yes i would…

if it was occupation then i dont know…

i hope to god i never have to find out.


I can do 500 yard head shots all day long. HELL YEA ,I’d fight. I might not like all the things "our ’ government does but I still LOVE this country

War with Mexico? Sounds like it’s time to start hoarding AND profiteering!

Jackboots and sombraros. Quite the fashion statement.

Let me add a little dose of reality here. I hear a lot of “hey I’ll take my sporting rifle and start shooting Mexicans!”. Everyone thinks they will be Patrick Swayze in Red Dawn or Marc Singer in V: The Final Battle. No one thinks they will be the dumb redneck who does something dumb and gets shot in the face by a 20mm cannon.
So let’s think this through a little:

-Are you willing to die in some futile and pitiful gesture or do you actually want to make a diference?

-Are you willing/able to hide out for months (or indefinitely), possibly in the wilderness, after the Mexicans burn out your home.

-Where will you get food and other supplies?

-Do you have a family and what provisions will you make for their safety?

-How will you determine who you can trust? Odd’s some people will collaborate with the enemy out of fear, coercion or self-preservation.

-You snipe at a squad of soldiers. Maybe you hit one or two. Now they have radioed back to battalion HQ and you have mortars and heavy weapons fire landing around you, helicopters searching for you from the air, and more troops (possibly armor as well) coming into the area. What do you do now? And please tell me you just didn’t snipe out of your own kitchen window, cause that would just be ig’nant.

I imagine there would be plenty of organized resistance cells. Especially in my region. I would seek out these people and work in concert with them.

Hell, my next door neighbor is the First Sergeant in the local army recriuter company, soI’d just go next door and see what’s going on. If he’d already been rounded up, I imagine I could easily find people in the resistance movement. If it gets me rounded up & shot, so be it. I don’t have any kids to take care of, nobody reallly depends on me. I’d rather fight than just sit still while there’s an invasion of my country.


Make a difference of course. I don’t actually have to take up arms I can simply gather intelligence on troop movments, the habits of officers, and the location of important targets and somehow get it to American forces.


If it came to that I’d attempt to locate US forces and enlist.


Food isn’t a big problem. There are plenty of squirrels in my neck of the woods.


Do the best you can to kill every known collaborater.


I think I would.

I’ve got small children, and of course, I’d rather be alive to be here with them. But I just don’t know that I could sit back and watch my children’s freedoms be taken from them like that. I’d find a way to fight back.

Makeing a difference is preferable to death.

Yes. I can make a house out of pine boughs as well as snow, stones, logs and sand. I also know how to hunt without useing fire arms and how to collect water and purify it without boiling.

Nature of course. Animals can provide clothing, meat, and tools.

Same as for myself.

Thats easy, trust no one!!

Run back into the brush. If I was going to snipe at the enemy I would have a few hideing places set up ahead of time, allong with some booby traps to discourage pursuit. Let them fire their artillery untill they run out of shels. Mortar holes just provide me with more cover.

I rapidly see this getting moved to IMHO, but I’d just thought I would chime in here and say that yes, I think I would probably fight as well.

I may not be a great shooter (lack of practice) but after I sent my kids to live up in Montana with my girl, yeah, I would fight. Preferably with part of an organized unit, but I’d put one together of my own if I had to.

I know how to live off the land, to an extent, and I’d be willing to bet that the local collaboration with an underground would be pretty huge.

Sure, why not. I’d join the resistance or whatever the hell it is.

You see, now that makes sense. Personally, I would sit tight but keep an eye out for ways to help.

Simply grabbing a rifle and taking on an organized army is a quick way to end up dead.

Yeah…you would pretty much be dead.

Invade Texas…ha-ha that’s a fucking joke With what army? There’s several million of us gun-happy SOB’s here that practice stealth hunting on a regular basis. Most of us have some military experience to go with it. You’re probably right about making a difference. It’s still bullshit though. If each hunter, police officer, Texas Ranger, Guardsman, armed civilian, etc. (estimate 10 million?) average a 10-1 ratio against US it’d still take a million man army! and That’s not even geting the US defense into it NOR our neighboring states.
Plus, another several million folks carrying handguns. Not to mention the militias and Texas Guard…there’s more US military bases and personel here than you’d imagine, even when most are away there’s still more than enough left to kick anyone’s ass that might try some ignorant stunt like that.

I haven’t even got an idea of the numbers of people in law enforcement for the State of Texas.

You’re probably right about making a difference. It’s still bullshit though. If each hunter, police officer, Texas Ranger, Guardsman, armed civilian, etc. (estimate 10 million?) average a 10-1 ratio against US it’d still take a million man army! and That’s not even geting the US defense into it NOR our neighboring states.
talk about suicide…thanks for the laugh…:smiley:

Sorry 'bout the double up on the post. I get a little highstrung sometimes.

I suppose we could all stand at the Rio Grande and have a big protest opposing the invasion.