Would you get an ice-cream headache from drinking a cold bottle of booze in a sauna?

Would the dramatic temperature difference between what you’re drinking and the temperature of your skin, cause an ice-cream headache or any unusual side effects?

You would probably only get a “brain-freeze” if you drank a lot of it within a short span of time, similar to ice cream. Otherwise, it would probably only leave a slight shock inside your mouth due to the sudden coldness, much like getting into a pool when it’s 90°F outside.

I’ve had many sauna beers. No ice cream headaches to report.

Need answer fast?

Actually, yes; I’m currently roleplaying someone who’s brought a beer with her into a sauna.

Does your core temperature significantly rise when you’re in a sauna? I would have thought the ice cream brain freeze thing is more to do with the cold substance vs your body temperature, not ambient.

Hope it’s plastic bottle.

Anyways, I personally think that all beweridges should by drank outside the sauna and washingroom.

Brain freeze is unrelated to the temperature of your skin. It’s about the wild temperature swings your palate experiences when you drink/eat something cold and then let your palate rapidly warm up again:

As such, problems with drinking very cold beverages while in a sauna are no more likely than while ice fishing.

If you did get brain freeze in a sauna it would quickly and easily be solved by opening your mouth and breathing in the warm air.

If the Wikipedia article is to be believed, it is the rapid re-warming (after the cooling event) which is responsible for capillary dilation and the associated sensation of pain. IOW, re-warming your palate rapidly is likely to cause worse pain than re-warming your palate slowly.

I believe that. I’ve found the best cure for brain freeze is actually to drink a cool (but not ice-cold) drink.