Would You Hate People For Their Politics or Religious Views?

Would you hate people for their political or religious views?

Some things to remember:
-I’m speaking of more or less mainstream political or religious views not Nazis or Communists or neo-Aztec cultists
-I mean hating people solely or mainly because of their views, not because they’re being a douche about it

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Are you talking about people for whom their religious or political views are their most heartfelt views, the core of how they relate to other human beings? Or do you include people who go to the Methodist Church because they have a great choir, they do nice Wednesday night church suppers in which several folks bring impressive foods to the potluck supper, and lots of their friends and neighbors go there so they’re comfortable with the venue?

It’s hard not to see Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, or the Southern Baptist Convention as highly distilled if not quite pure incarnations of evil, as abominations in the eyes of God. The combination of ensconcing of and knee-jerk worshiping of an orthodoxy with some truly abhorrent content thereof would make it hard not to hate people who identified with those religions on theological grounds, or even because they wholly endorse the behaviors of the organized bodies of those religions. And yet there are plenty of nice enough individual people who happen to identify as one of those faiths largely for other, ancillary reasons.