Would you have bought a Powerball ticket with Bernie’s tax on it of 90%

A very simple question. Would you purchase Powerball tickets for a 1.5 billion jackpot lottery if the tax rate was 90% on the jackpot ?

I am curious as to the answers.

Bad premise:

How the hell am I supposed to feed my family on $150 million?

Even at 99%. That’s would still leave 15 million dollars. At the actual 50% rate he may be proposing I’d buy a ticket now and then for a much smaller jackpot.

Ask the right question first. Yours has a false premise.

Well, given that I didn’t buy a ticket under the current tax rate the answer is no.

Which “Bernie” are you referring to? Bernie Sanders never proposed any such tax,

So you define “Bernie’s tax” as the one tax rate Bernie specifically excluded? :dubious:

Please report to the BBQ Pit and start a thread discussing your intelligence and intellectual honesty. :stuck_out_tongue:

If we elect Bernie Sanders the government will be so bankrupted you would be lucky to get your $2 back.


Thank you for that bumpersticker-it was closer to being on topic than usual.

It’s true. Banks will close. Government employees will be hooking on the streets in order to buy food from the few grocery stores left open. The dead will rise from their final rest and feast on the blood of infants. Dogs, cats living together.

I mean, I don’t want to be alarmist, but a Sanders presidency will unravel the very fabric of the universe.

Do you have a cite that Bernie has proposed a 90% tax? I’m no fan of the man, but that’s pretty ridiculous and sounds like complete horseshit, so why don’t you start by backing that up first?

Bernie’s highest tax rate is 120%. If you earn too much money, he plans to take everything you earned that year, AND sell off some of your property.

But that’s only if you’ve earned between $100,000 and $10 million in a year (he’s after those six-figure fat cats, you know). If you’re at more than $10 million, the tax can’t be expressed in percentages, because he’ll take everything you earned, plus all your property, and then he’ll execute you and grind your body into a nutritious paste, which will be how he feeds all his college-aged zombie minions.

I’m sorry, I’m straying from the OP’s question. Absolutely I’d buy the ticket.

To be fair, the socialist ninny in question has changed his mind, and is now admitting that his previous statement that a 90% tax was not too high was either dumb, a lie, or both.


Um, no one ever said it would be nutritious. Now just go back to your bowl of twigs and low-fat sugar-free kale butter, hippy.

I think the OP had demonstrated the idiocy of all those claims that high taxes would destroy the economy.

Because the obvious answer is “Duh, of course I would.” Everybody would. Who would refuse to win $1.5 billion dollars even if there was a 90% tax on it? You’d still have $150,000,000 afterwards.

Nobody is going to refuse to be wealthy just because taxes are high.

To be fair, that’s not remotely what happened. If you need an explanation, of course, I’m happy to oblige.

The OP didn’t ask if anyone would refuse to win $1.5 billion. He asked if you would buy the ticket.

A lot more people bought tickets when the jackpot was $1.5B than when it was $10 million. The bigger the payoff, the more tickets you sell. Ergo, if there is a 90% tax on something that reduces the demand for it. Put a 90% tax on high paid work, or investments, and Jack Kemp’s law goes into effect.


Anything above a certain number is basically Monopoly money. There is no substantial additional marginal utility to me of any dollar above $150 million, or for that matter $15 million. A dream’s a dream.

I do play our lotteries, and the jackpot ranges from $5 million to $65 million (that’s as high as the Lotto 649 has ever gone; it has no official limit.) I always buy one ticket per lottery, no matter the jackpot.

What a pity - fewer people wasting money on the lottery. I’m not sure our Nation could withstand such a crisis.

But even by your logic, if a few people want to buy lotto tickets to collect $1 million on a $10 million jackpot, more people will want to buy lotto tickets to collect $150 million on a $1.5 billion jackpot.