Would you have voted in the Iraqi election.

I don’t want any qualifications about how you aren’t Iraqi or yada yada yada.

Just fess up as to whether you’d walk a couple of miles to a polling place, with your wife and kids (if you have any), with treats all around and vote. Then stick your finger in some ink so that those making the treats will know who to shoot. Would you?
I hope my honest answer is “yes”, but it isn’t a resounding YES!

If I were an Iraqi, I would have voted. Even though I don’t think any good will come of it, I could be wrong.

The only reason I would want to be an Iraqi is that “Bagdhadi” sounds so cool. I don’t even care if I misspelled it. Heyyyy, Bagdhadi !


Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. The reason it wouldn’t be a resounding yes is because I’m not sure I would have the courage, not any cock-a-mammy condition that “it won’t make any difference.”

[sup]Any relation between this statement and any other post is purely conincidential. It is only for clarification.[/sup]

I would have, but I’d have voted for Nader, so it all cancels out. ;D

Seriously, though, yes. I don’t know if I’d want my wife to risk herself—but that’s just because she’d probably feel the same way about me. So she could just use my corpse as a shield if worse came to worse while we’re on the way to the voting booth.


If there are treats involved, I’m there.

Seriously, though, I think my answer is “probably yes.” I can’t really say for sure until I’m in that situation, but I think I would consider it important enough to risk my life.

Yes. I would have been scared, but I would have done it.