Would you join organized crime?

I’ve had many opportunities in the past, but never felt the appeal.

If you were offered the opportunity to make a few extra bucks a week at the risk of being sucked into the underworld, would you accept? Why or why not?

To me, I don’t think I would. I do like to do some hobbies (e.g. gambling) that would fit, but I’ve never felt the temptation to join. Watching all the gangster movies recently on cable TV, it seems there is some sort of attraction. Do you feel it as well?

Also, to female dopers, I wonder how many women would support a man who brought in a good income (not average, but good) who was obviously involved in illegal activities?

Absolutely no way I would do that.

When I was in high school, we hanged out in a bar where both owners and customers were Corsican criminals, not the cream of the organized crime, mind you, just your average criminals (for the record we hanged out there because it was the only place where we could order a coffee in the morning and then stay all day long if we so wished. they couldn’t care less about the number of beverages they were selling).

Some of those criminals were rather old, had spent half of their lives in jail, were pennyless, with no retirement, and had to keep being involved in petty crime just to pay the rent for some shitty place. Not a very attractive career prospect.
I’m sure there are some bright and successfull criminals, who had a pleasant life and now have plenty of money, but they’re few and far between, and I’m sure it didn’t require any less effort than reaching success in a lawful way. Plus, with a reguèlar job, the likelihood of someone killing you when you exit your house in the morning is vastly reduced.

And finally, if you really had to become a criminal, white collar crime is probably much safer and more rewarding than organized crime, and generally entails lighter sentences if you’re caught.
So, I wouldn’t ever embrace such a “carreer”, even if we don’t take into account the enormous moral issue that would also prevent me from joining organized crime.

Mmmm… organized crime.

I learned two things among others from my parents.

From my father learned to think big and that criminals were basically stupid.

From my mother I learned that if you want to keep a secret, don’t tell anybody or involve others. Do it all by yourself.

No way.

I would accept some “opportunities” to make “friends” by doing some “favors” for some of my closer “friends,” but only if it helped my own semi-legitimate enterprise in some way, and not really for the money. For example, in quite a few places the entertainment “industry” is pretty mobbed up – clubs, etc., booking policies, perks accorded the talent – and it wouldn’t hurt as a musician, for example, to have some gonnegtions. That might help get some fairly lucrative private jobs, and, if chips were down, grab a spot as a part-time bartender at some joint. I know, that’s not thinking big, but it’s kind of the way it’s gone down for some people, and I wouldn’t snub my nose at those kinds of advantages, as long as I didn’t have to kill somebody a la “Killing of a Chinese Bookie” or something.

Known people in organizations associated with crime and somewhere in the attic I still have an old set of colors; I basically quit when it went from a more social thing to a for-profit underground enterprise. So basically its - been there and wasn’t interested and don’t think I would be interested now.

I could however belong to a legitimate organization that was covering an organized criminal enterprise - something like being part of the Ancient Order of Hibernia when the Mollies were active from within its ranks.


So they made you an offer you could refuse? What’s the mafia coming to?

No attraction whatsoever. For every scene of Henry Hill walking through the kitchen of the Copacabana and getting a table right in front of the stage, there’s a scene of Billy Batts getting beaten, shot, & buried alive. The first is not worth the risk of the second.

I’m nowhere near savvy enough to take part in organized crime, nor am I a big bruiser guy. I wouldn’t last a month.

Aside from occasionally exceeding the speed limit by more than 5mph, I am totally not cut out for a life of crime! So I’d have to say ‘no’.

It depends what I’d be doing. I wouldn’t be willing to hurt anyone, deal drugs, etc. So my options are limited.

But hey, if the mob boss wants me to download the new Justin Bieber album for him, I’ll be willing to get my hands dirty. If the price is right, of course.

There are plenty of smart criminals, you just won’t ever hear about them because…they are smart.

Bad idea, friend. The first small choice is also your last “free choice.”. You cannot dabble with organized crime, nor can you be “just casual friends.”. My attorney husband was approached with ungodly money for doing “nothing” but said no way, no thanks. Once you have accepted any favor, you are owned. Getting out is rare, but you can always saw “no” to the first offer with no hard feelings. They know that not everybody is suited to their way of life.

Better to tell him there’s an app for that. :slight_smile:

It depends on the crime, the risk, the pay, and whether I’m allowed to quit anytime I want to. I’d probably run drugs fairly willingly, for enough money, because I think anti-drug laws are stupid. I’d never kill or hurt anybody, though. I would stick to crimes that are against stupid rules rather than crimes against other people. If I have to run drugs for the Crips through a gauntlet of Bloods… no thanks.

Yes, I’d insert a condom of drugs in my bum for the right price.

Who wouldn’t!?! :smiley:

No temptation. Succeeding in crime is no easier than succeeding in any other business. And failing in crime has much higher penalties than failing in most other businesses. So go straight - same rewards and fewer risks.

So what would your price be to insert a condom of drugs in rachelellogram’s bum?

After three years of temp jobs and no insurance, I’d go for it.

After working in a bail bonds office (one of the many temp jobs) I realized just how different criminals are from how they are portrayed on TV.

First I learned there IS no honor among crims and second is how really charming and nice bad people can be. That is they’re nice as long as everything is going their way